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Hi everyone I'm a new and would like to be able to talk and share experiences.. I was diagnosed in 2013 with having arthritis while going thro a very horrible break up and 2014 diagnosed with fibromyalgia.. I have gone from a size 10 to 14 and am havin more and more bad days than good.. I have no one to talk to and feel at time so low and lonely .. I'm 48yrs old and live in Portsmouth and would very much like to meet new friends with similar health issues.. Please msg me

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  • Hi there & welcome to the site. You have come to the right place to make friends & get understanding & support. I'm sure you will love it like we all do.

    I have Fibromyalgia, Polymýalgia, arthritis, nerve damage amongst other things. Yes I have piled weight on too. I think it's not beIng so active, eating sugar to try to motivate & medication that increases the appetite. My life is spent dieting & up & down with wieght for many years.

    I was born in Portsmouth & lived there till teenager, my brother still lives there & my parents moved out to Sarisbury by the river Hamble when they retired,

    I live in Devon now, not far from beach & moors & love it here ☺☺

    Peace, luv n light

    Jan x

  • Hi welcome to a great site - I have fibromyalgia- I am 59. - I slipped a disc before fibromyalgia and had an awful divorce - and have gained weight - it is slowly coming off - I am a strict diet and exercise - I live a long way from you (Suffolk). But always willing to exchange ideas and thoughts - Neese. 😊

  • Hi and welcome to a lovely place to meet people and discuss different health issues whole having fun doing it!'I'm in the US so I'm very far away but look forward to chatting on the site with you.Have a good evening!! Peck.🐤

  • Just to say welcome to the site where I am sure you will find support and friendship. I am sure there must be forum members who live in your area. Those that live far apart often Private Message one another for a little chat or to give support. We try to share experiences and also a bit of laughter. Did you know that if you look at the three little bars in the top left hand corner of your screen and click on you will be able to see the names of people who live near you. Look forward to your future posts.x

  • Hi and welcome to our friendly site, I'm sure if you join us you will soon make lots of friends in the same position as you. As rosewine says you can private message anyone for a chat or for help with anything so you don't have to actually live near each other, I live in South Wales.

    I too have fibromyalgia and arthritis as have many of us on here so we all know just what you are going through, look forward to reading your posts, just join in anywhere, take care

  • Hi, seems we all suffer similar problems, I to have fybromyalgia and psoriac arthritis with rheumatoid arthritis . I am 57 and live up north in Southport but no problem if you want to chat anytime!

  • Aww love sorry to hear this I offer my friendship to anyone who needs it so I'm here love and hugs jill xx

  • Hi & welcome gypsygirl..😊..im new to all this to..i joined a couple of days ago & every one is lovely..😊..i feel much better already talking to people who suffer the same problems..im from the north east & age 57 even though my mind is only 21..again..😁..were all here when u want to chat..xx

  • Welcome and you will find many truly wonderful and supportive friends here. I'm a similar age to you and truly understand how lonely and isolating our lives have become at times. So if you ever want to talk or just need someone to listen and understands how you feel, then feel free to contact me. Take care, from Amanda x

  • Hi Gypsygirl

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted you a link below to our mother site, FMA UK and in particular to the ''Fibro Group'' page whereby you may be able to meet up with like minded folk!


    I know that I am stating the obvious here, but if you do decide to meet up with people off the open forum who you do not know, please arrange to meet up in a public place and stay safe.

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi, nice to meet you and hope things get better for you. I'm female, new to this site, still trying to navigate myself around & not even sure if you get this message. anyway I can understand much of how you feel, I also experience feeling alone, isolated, fear of this FMS and waking up not knowing what new thing is going to attack my body & mind! I'm not on any meds, too many side effects but am trying my hardest to remedy flare ups with natural remedies and attention to diet, I studied and trained in nutrition way back in the 80's and have worked all my life up on till about a year ago when I just started to feel "not me". Eventually diagnosed with fibro and have all sorts of tests, traumas and days in bed, episodes of depression, can cry & wail like a baby then start to feel a bit better again, it 's so weird. It's almost as if you have to grieve who you once were and then get to know this new person who is different from one day to next. Then with fibro fog you forget what you learned half an hour ago! Today I've got physio, I stretch everyday and am feeling apprehensive about eye pains which anything to do with eyes scares me to death. Anyway, keep in touch, will be nice to share experiences

    Wavelength ps I'm desperately trying to connect with anyone in my area of North Devon, surely I can't be the only one!

  • I feel the same. I cry most days with depression and feel no one understands and it's a very lonely place to be. I feel for you. I'm afraid I'm in Glasgow or id be there with you in a heartbeat. I hope you find someone close by to speak to. Good luck . Big hugs xxx

  • Hello and welcome to the site. I'm sure you'll find many friends here. Did you get any luck with Ken's link? I would think there's a group near you. I'm not terribly far away in Winchester. Good luck in your quest. :)

  • Hi honey it is hard to come to terms with the condition, I had to have counselling for 12 months! Your body changes so much! Everyday is different and you will never feel 100%! Learn to pace yourself though it's really important! It took me a while to do that, but now I 've come to terms with it! This website is a godsend when you're down and when you have queries because these people are the only ones who understand! If you need a chat we're always here! Hugs and kisses xxx

  • Hi there,

    I know how your feeling with weight gain I was a size 10 and now have ballooned up to a size 14/16 the weight just keeps piling on me so your not alone with that issue. This is a great place to meet and greet like minded souls who have a lot to cope with in daily living so I'm wishing you a day that is not so hard for you to bear and that your pain levels are eased sending you many ((((((HUGS)))))) and welcome to the forum ;-)

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