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Happy Thoughts

As I logged on this morning expecting to find some comfort & maybe humour I saw at least 4 threads which saddened me. I'm not involved and nor do I want to be. I just thought I'd put a happy post to make you all smile...

I can't claim these as my own they were emailed to me to make me smile.

Fibro fog moments

"Once I made some chicken soup, I simmered the carcass and added lots of vegetables and seasoning. It smelled wonderful. Some time later the timer went, I grabbed the pan & a colander and poured the liquid down the sink. I stood there looking at the bones & vegetables for about 5 mins before I realised what I'd done"

"I left my office in London looking forward to a weekend of rest. I got the train home, got off at the right stop & went to the car park. Panic set in as I couldn't find my car. Fortunately it's a small station and the staff know me. I only realised what I'd done when they said they'd missed me that morning and asked if I'd got a lift with a friend. It then dawned on me..... I'd driven in. I had to wait 35 mins for the next train to London so I could go back to work & collect my car"

They did make me laugh. My kids are forever reminding or correcting me. What's your funniest fibro fog moment? I think mine was getting to work only to realise I still had my slippers on..,

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Thank you for some light and laughter this morning Suzy its much needed and appreciated

Thank you VG x


Still chuckling!

Yeah - life's to short to be miserable and argue all the time. Good on you Suzy for giving us a laugh!



I think we have all done something similar I keep putting the strangest things in the fridge - thanks for the smile:) xgins


Hi Suzy

My kids often tell me that people like us - and by that im assuming they mean people with fibro - should not be allowed out unescorted as we iften end up doing something daft or embarrassing!! One time I was off on a rare night out with friends and my brother in law had kindly offered to drive me, we stopped off at the local off license to buy a few bottles of wine and as I left the car my bro in law informed me that he could not remain parked outside as he would be holding up traffic so he advised me that he would move off repark a few feet away in a more convienient space and wait.

And of course you know where I'm going with this! I duly tottered off bought the wine, came outside and forgetting what he'd just told me climbed into a car parked in the spot my bro in law had previously left.

I began chatting away to the strange driver whilst belting myself in and giving him instructions on where I nxt wanted to go. The poor man had just pulled up to collect his mrs who was the manageress of the off licence and who was standing outside watching some random nutter accost her hubby in the family car. The man and his wife were brilliant taking it all in their stride; he jokingly said to me if he'd been 20 yrs younger he might have been tempted to drive off into the sunset with me and she said if she'd been 20 yrs wiser she'd have let him lol i was mortified :-)

Dixie x


Lol that's so funny. My kids often tell me I need supervision. I went to bed the other night leaving a candle lit...


O dear lord how dangerous was that i love candles especially scented ones and i have loads of them but i'm too afraid to light them as like you, i'm liable to forget and leave them on burning down the house. So I content myself with giving them the odd sniff on occassion lol my fave at the min is anything with cinimon.

Dixie x


Yeah I always tell one of the others I've lit one now


That was really good and reminds us we are not alone during fog times. Someone out there is probably doing something similar at the same time.

I like the advert with the woman on the phone who gives the toddler the dog food and dog the toddlers food, it reminds me of fibro fog. Luckily I haven't done it with my daughter and the cat.

Thank you for getting the site back to how it should be. Light hearted stories and advice, information and support.

Hope you have a good day.



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