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Changes in life, changes in meds, changes in everything lol

Like all the members here I have fibro, have had for 26 years now and I would never lie and say it gets any better because it does not.

I am going through the dreaded change and today I was seeing my GP about getting HRT. I was on Clonidine for hot flushes/flashes, however they are called. Anyway they stopped working and I was back to walking round like a portable shower. I decided a trip to the GP was in order. That led to a consultation between GPs to discuss which way they go due to other ongoing health problems.

The appointment today went well. I was weighed and I was in total shock at how much weight I had lost in the last five weeks. I am going to say here how much because I am pleased with myself(although I was going to hold off until 16th March, I may have wasted away by then). My diet is very strict and under guidance(my GP knows in detail what I eat each day)so if you are ready I will tell you. I have lost in total 1st 7lbs(21 pounds). My diet is no secret but I will NOT say how I do it as what works for one does not for others so I would not recommend it. So I felt sure I would be well on the way to HRT.

Next my BP, no smoking meant I had a perfect reading and I do not drink, another plus.

And then I was told that my BMI is still in the obese range so no HRT for me coupled with my other health problems. I was deflated to say the least, felt as though my bubble had been burst.

Anyway I am being weaned off the Amitriptyline whilst being weaned onto Fluoxitine as the GP thinks it may help with the sweats and the fibro. I am dreading coming off the Amtrips altogether as they are the only thing that was giving some sort of control over the cluster headaches.

I took my first Fluoxitine when i got home and now my head is absolutely pounding and it is not easing off.

I have read the info leaflet and it does mention headaches. I know some of you are on these Fluoxiitne and I was wondering how long I should put up with the headaches before taking action. Wondering if these tablets take a while to get into the system. Thanks in advance XXXXX

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Goodness me, Ozzy - you've had a bit of a shake up today! Sorry it's been so difficult with the medication - it takes ages to get things right, but at least you're losing weight, which is good.

As for the Fluoxetine, It does take a few days to settle into your system, so see how you go, but if you don't feel any better after a week, I think it's back to the doctor for you. Also, if your headache becomes unbearable, you need to seek help very quickly.

Personally, because all these drugs are so complex, I feel that anyone having a drastic change of regime should be very closely monitored.

I hope you get the 'mixture ' right before too long!

Moffy x


Losing weight is not necessarily 'a good thing'. It is only a good thing if you are actually trying to lose weight.

I went to see my GO after a couple of months not eating as I couldn't keep anything in. She was amazed and said how good it was. 2 other doctors I saw were very concerned that I had lost weight and arranged hospital tests for me.


Sorry GP


Hello Ozzygirl64, Well done for losing the weight have you been cutting down too lose the weight? As I know that HRT can put on weight as I was on it for quite along time and it was only 2mg per day but the weight did go on but when my GP wanted me to stop them I had to be weaned off them as one of the side effects are headaches and I did it my way over a few months so beware!! As for the Fluoxitine I was very disappointed in them like you I took my first tablet and got a awful headaches, I took another one when the next dose was needed but the headaches were terrible and like you I read in the leaflet that they can give you headaches and as I don't tolerate certain medication very well I decided not to take anymore I told my GP and she said that was fine. What other medication do you take for your Fibro? I am lucky I have a lovely understanding Consultant at the Pain Clinic and after trying all the other meds that didn't work I asked if I could try a morphine patch and since then I've never looked back, I had Oramorph for break through pain and Paracetamol and my pains are so much better! Hope I've helped you anything else just message me. Good luck....Aisha x


I take Premarin hrt 0.625 mg at night. Lowest dose and I feel great....

Fluoxetine hisses ... That was one of the three anti depressants that didnt suit me at all . Gave me uncontrollable jaw spasms for minutes at a time my jaw was locked after week my jaw neck and teeth were so sore but my family loved the silence... I went back to the GP and after another 2 failed attempts with other anti depressants I got dosulepin. And that's fantastic no side affects at all

Congrats on weight loss I have avoided the scales since starting on steroids.... But they are temporary so I will be back to the weight loss soon I hope

VG x


Wow well done on such an amazing weight loss you deserve a big pat on the back for your efforts :-) Sorry to hear about the headaches they are so debilitating I hope the pain settles down soon for you and your meds begin working Take care

Dixie x


Hi Ozzygirl

I have been going through the change for a while now and can't take HRT because of Migraines, My power surges are lessening nowsome days none @ all but at night well i cook lol

Well done on the weight loss , so pleased for you as i feel it is much harder when going thro the menopause.

Re fibro never getting any better i have bad flares but am ok in between but then i have had joint pain most of my life so maybe i am, not really sure tho, i don't get the exhaustion that many get but then we are all individuals and unique

I hope your headache gets better asap , take care x J



Well done on the weight loss and doing it the right way through your health professionals. Did you ask your Gp for advice on weight loss? It's a shame that you haven't loss enough but please don't lose heart.

I came off amitriptyline at the end of last year and it wasn't too bad. Coming off the last 10mg was the worst for me but I was starting Pregabalin at the same time.

I hope everything goes well for you.


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