Cramp! out of nowhere! just got it in my belly and it canes..............

In the night, it seems on the one night I seem to get a good sleep. its like someone up there is looking down on me and says aww, look at her sleeping.........then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cramp! calf, cant get up, Pain!!!!!!! try to shuffle down the bottom of the bed........AAAARGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Push foot trying to get it flat on the bottom of the bed...............pushhhhh painnnnnnnn arghhhh

Hate it! Next day, sometimes I cant walk, the pain is so bad.

I do take meds for it, I would hate to think what it would be like without quinnine!

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  • My calf on my right leg used to cramp up in the night... I now eat a banana a day and they have almost completely gone..., I am now very sick of bananas but look on it as a med and dutifully eat one a day....

    So sorry for these cramps they are horrible

    VG x

  • I have never had cramps, but I do feel for you - it must be awful!

    My every day pains are quite enough for me, without getting cramp on top of it. I wonder what's in the bananas that is helping you, VG - I love mashed banana with milk and a bit of sugar, so maybe that's why I never suffer!

    Moffy x

  • Aha I know the answer to this bananas have serotonin in them fibromites often have low serotonin levels , bananas also have potassium which helps with cramps, that's why tennis players eat them...

    VG x

  • OOH! Well, i shall eat more than ever in that case! No wonder I'm so unbearably chirpy - I was blaming the bird seed sarnies!

  • Has Sandra been giving you reciepes again??

  • You poor thing I know what you mean I get them at the top of my back just where my bra strap sits, I end up crawling around trying to get away from the pain, I found if I drink a pint of water it eases off as it make the muscles move but it still hurts like hell for ages till it quits completely, but I still have the quinine 1 at nite, I can get these cramps day or nite I never kbow when they gonna hit, big gentle hugs to you. Sithy

  • Are you taking magnesium or using Epson salts in a food bath? Brilliant for cramp. I used to get it badly. I've been reading about a weird remedy for restless legs and put a bar of soap by your legs,as you sleep. It has to be a basic deoderant etc....and one bar lasts for 6 months. No idea why it works !

  • i have had cramp in my tummy for the last few days, and it turned to diarrhea and sickness, i now feel like someone has run me over with a truck.

    Someone on here was saying something about a bar of soap under the covers works??. think i'm remembering the right thing??

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