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So...its a simple question. Can anyone recommend a doctor in Sheffield for me please?

Just getting exaspirated now as the doctor I was dealing with who believed in Fibro is now in France, and the one I had recommended to me has moved practice.

Last doctor I saw at my practice didn't even believe there was anything neurological going on, and the doctor at the new practice I was looking at said there was a centre for FMS in Sheffield (which turned out to provide CBT and Expert patient program for CFS and ME only - I have done both those treatments).

I live in Wincobank, Sheffield As soon as I have sorted out my medical records (as they got mixed up with someone else at my last practice, and some records were lost in the late 1980s) I intend to move practices if I can find a useful doctor :-)


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Here you are Glenys - the link should provide you with details of all practices in the area.

If you then look at the website for each practice, it should tell you what each partner is particularly interested in, hopefully rheumatology/neurology/fibro!

It is perfectly in order to contact the practice manager and ask if any of their GPs has specialist knowledge of fibro.

Hope this helps and that you soon find a good practice!



Hiya!i live in sheffield and have a fantastic gp at porterbrook medical practice in S11. Cant for the life of me think which postcode wincobank is).hope u find a good


Sorry I cannot help on this one xxxxx


Thanx Moffy and Cherry Pie.

Willing to travel, so will check these out :-) and any others!



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