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Advice please on my DLA is there anyone out there that can help me.

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Hello everyone i have just got my court date, not sure what to do as i have never been to court before so this will be a whole new experience for me. The doctor that came out claim's it's all in my head & people like me are trying to scam the whole system, i have now been to a solicitor & they have told me they will help but my date is for next week & i have not heard anything from them ,so is there anyone out there that can give me some advice before i go through all this as to be blunt with you all i am shitting brick's over there whole thing, which isnt helping my fibro

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I was given this website by someone here and it really is helpfull. Please have a look - it's only about £15 for a whole year and they exlain very well how you can help yourself. The rest you should leave it up to your solicitor, who, hopefully, knows your situation.

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Thank you for your advice i have become a member on there :)

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Calm down and best of lucks x

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Thank you very much, think my stress levels will be a bit high as i have never been in a court room, it's that not knowing feeling. :)

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Information on assessments and sources of help with benefits:

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Thank you for the website will have a look not seen that one before. :)

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Hi, I just had mine yesterday and had partial success. The doc, lawyer and judge were very thorough with their Q's. Bottom line they said its not about labels and types of illness, its about what u can & cant do, ie walk, look after your self etc. i was honest with them and told them how bad i was, and the fact i couldnt remember details due to fog! I said i was a lot better now that treatment was helping and i am feeling more positive- the result was i was awarded low care & high mobilty for the 8 1/2 months that i was at my worst. And told to reapply if i relapse! Thats 8 1/2 m out of 18 m since diagnosis. They said as i can walk now and seamed reasonably functional, i couldnot be allowed at present. Make sure you take medical evidence from yourdoc any any specialist. And maybe get a witness to go with, or to write to the appeal board. Its not as scary as it looks- good luck x

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Thank you very much for all you help.

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just to let everyone know that i have been to court, they said they where discussed that it got this far, they recognise Fibromyalgia is a disability. they have adjourned due to a bad medical report from a doctor,who is working in the dark ages.

So i am just sitting back waiting for them to do another medical, but just received an email from the court's saying they would like to get a report from the OT department,

not sure which is better to be honest, i just want it all over with.

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Hi everyone. I had my appeal in Oct last year, after waiting 2years for an appeal date. By then I was struggling walking and used my crutch. I got turned down for both. I reapplied in Nov and by Feb this year was awarded only lower rate care. My Son helps me dress and get in and out the shower, he also washes and dries my hair as I cannot lift my arms high enough anymore as they are painful and stiff. I have appealed and now waiting for a date. I now have a wheelchair to be able to go out and about but have to have someone to push me as I havent got the strength in my arms to push the wheels on my own. Also waiting for 2appeal dates regarding my ESA. Would I be doing right to reapply again for my DLA while waiting for a appeal date??

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i had my appeal back in June, i got a report from my doctor, my rhuemy, and my son looked at the doctors report and wrote to them with everything that the doctor from atos had missed out. and we won. i'm getting middle care and high mobility

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pondminstrel say court? do you mean tribunal?..its not that bad have a chance to tell the panel,,usually a doctor,a legal person and someone who knows about is stresfull but we have to fight for our rights,,iv only just joined,and if you read my question you will see your not on your claim has been going on for 16months! just gone to tribunal only to be told the woman from jobcenter disability advisor had cocked my form up! it could have lost everything,but they have given me time to sort it,,,so not all demons out to get us..god bless keep me posted xxxx

Procedure for DLA Tribunal -

See citizens advice see if they can help

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