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Update on my doctors appointment

Well I went for my appointment with my doctor this afternoon to tell him about my chest pains. He assured me it was all down to the fibro, he listened to my heart and said it was fine.

I came away with some Robaxin to try and some Laxido (co-codomol bunging me up :( )

I take trazodone at night but my surgery is having trouble getting it, they say there is a shortage of it at the moment?? And just to top the lot, the icing on the cake so to speak I've got blinkin shingles AGAIN!! and it's on my bum!!

I just love my life <3

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Arrrgghhhh on the shingles but so glad you posted again to let us know everything is alright with your heart, you gave us quite a scare on weds..... Please can you let me or the forum know how the Robaxin suits you and what it does for you. I mentioned it to my GP in desperation months ago cos nothing suits me in the day ... Night meds are great and he was like oh there is newer things available now....He likes new exciting meds.... I told him my body isn't new and not used to exciting .....My GP is great but he is still sulking cos the best antidepressant for me is years old and very cheap......

Hear from you soon I hope

VG x


Awh, I can't believe you remembered my post and you were worried, that's so sweet of you. Thank you.


We all had a sleepless night, Glo - honest we did!

Glad you're OK, anyway - apart from the problems with 'la derriere' - wot horrors! :o

You'll have to sit on something soothing - won't suggest an ice pack in this weather!

Moffy x


My doctor gave me some pills after the last time I had it in October so that as soon as I felt it coming on again I could take them. Well I've had 3 so far today, have to have 5 a day for a week and they are as big as horse tablets, I swear they are really suppositories!! their not working yet because this is the most painful I've had it. I'm so lucky.


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