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Chilli vs Substance P, that which causes our pain. Seemingly, Chilli wins. Anyone heard of this?

Has anyone had Chilli recommended (as a treatment to deplete Substance P)? google it!! I've heard alot about FM sufferers having 3 times normal Substance P, hence tenderness. But this Dr said rubbing it on depletes Sub P. Chilli contains Capsaicin, ingredient in anti-inflamatories. Remember to wash your hands, and don't touch eyes or other sensitive areas.. Will try it out and let you know.

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I tried it but other than making my skin burn when I felt hot etc I didn't find it helped at all!!!


Please let us know, I am going to ask my GP about it at my next appt... I,ll try anything once.. As I said to my first rhematologist I,ll try anything to get rid of the pain, you can chase me with a feather duster if it helps.....he retired suddenly shortly afterwards ..... I wonder why....

VG x


Hello Jeannie,

I used this regularly and personally found it of great benefit but it is not for people who are sensitive to medication.

I mention it regularly on the forum, all of what you have said. You've been reading the research I see!!

This is a link to the prescribed cream for other members who may be interested


Please be careful if you are sensitive to medications it may not be for you and it should be used sparingly. It is made from Capisicum peppers and much like the police pepper spray. So should be used with caution.

As you say you may try it and you never know it might work for you too.

Also have you read the reports that say we have double the amount of Glutamate, so may be worth considering watching your food intake for Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) too.

Thank You for the post



He probably got caught with a feather duster.....

I just read that if you are using chilli's, to wear gloves (makes sense) and to give it 3 to 4 weeks for the Capsaicin to build up and the pain to go. Imagine being pain free for a few weeks or even months.. that's like a real fantasy!!! But I'm getting ahead of myself. One step at a time


I my experience it was hot to start with on my skin then after a few weeks you couldn't feel the heat at all. I miss using it actually but have a baby and cannot cuddle her if I use it because of the risk of her touching me then her eyes.

Yes I would consider gloves as I have got it in my eye by accident....not fun !!!

Hope it works for you too :)


I have very sensitive skin so that's why I'd Didn't work fo me I used it for weeks but the burning from the cream didn't get easier and when my husband would then cuddle me he would then have it on him and getting it in your eyes or anywhere else isn't nice!!! I was also using it for Neuropathic pain but it didn't help me for that either as for that pain it doesn't respond to tablets and I was having CryoTherapy but the machine broke and it seems like no one uses this treatment anymore!! Does anyone know about this treatment and if there hospital do this type of treatment where it Freezes the nerve?? :-(


For many years I have been a "ChilliHead" - putting fresh chilli in everything (curry, obviously!) from sandwiches and hot drinks; it's great with hot water, honey, ginger and lemon.

I was brought up on chillies, they're full of vitamin C. I guess I'm used to the heat.

I once found some bath salts that contained cayenne, so I experimented with putting powdered chilli (cayenne pepper) in the bath, starting with a teaspoonful.

It doesn't sting me, and the best results are AFTER getting out of the bath, when my skin has a lovely warm glow. I now put up to a TABLESPOON of it in the water if I have a particularly painful day.

It doesn't sting my personal bits, but you should avoid getting the water in your eyes.

Please let me know how you get on.

Another tips is that you might be horrified at how much of a bright orange ring you get (the bath!) but it cleans off EASILY with bicarb- I use bicarb for cleaning instead of harsh chemicals.

This is my first post, so I'd like to say HELLO and thank you for all your interesting posts!

Cheers x


Thank you DruZed. I look forward to trying out new things, and any advice is welcome. Different things work for different people. And sharing is caring, and if it only helps one person, well then, you've helped someone.

I've just come from the pharmacy, and the topical cream (capsaicin) is only available on prescription where I live, so its off to the supermarket for me. I don't have a bath but i've no problem booking in to a hotel to try it. And Cayenne Pepper, well It would not have even occured to me! thanks again, I'll update with my progress.


a whole year ago-- i discovered this must be teh problem with the pressure in my head after mega mega stress and adrenal problems -- undiagnosed of course but i discovered dr byron richards from wellness resources, bless him he died recently but i emailed him my symptoms, he has a whole page on his site wellness resources.


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