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Unrelenting fatigue and how to beat it?

For those who have read my blog post ( fibroaction.healthunlocked.... ) I've not been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but the word has been spoken as a possibility. I wondered if anyone had any advice for unrelenting fatigue? I'm so tired but my joints ache like I've walked a marathon and I don't sleep well anyway. What can aid a good nights sleep?


PS - The buttons on my phone are half dead, if anything is spelt wrong, I'm sorry.

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Aiding a good night's sleep probably won't get rid of the fatigue completely, but it will certainly help. Have a chat with your GP about drugs like amitriptyline on a low dose (10mg or 20mg) - they may not want to give them without a diagnosis, but it's worth having a chat. Poor sleep is part of the whole fibro thing anyway, so it's a symptom worth addressing.

Other than that, it's mainly about pacing yourself, learning if there are any foods that zap your energy (for me, it's fatty or heavily processed foods), & steering clear of them most of the time, and teaching everyone else (and yourself) to accept that you may still have days where you're not up to much.

Some of the other fibromites may have more advice than this, but this is my coping strategy!

Good luck! xx


I wish there were a really good coping strategy!

I guess we all work out our own way of managing in the end, but trying not to overdo it, and making the most of any opportunity to rest and relax is a good way to start.

I have found a lot of benefit from doing relaxation exercises, and also from eating a good diet low in saturated fats and sugars - I can't see that these things would hurt anyone, and might help a lot.

Take care and look after yourself.

Moffy x


a mallet! will aid a good nights kip lol =D..... only jokin hun just tryin to make ya smile! there have been many a time i would love to run as hard as i can into a brick wall to knock me out believe u me! just to stop the aches pain and rstlessness ya get when ya so tired but cant sleep. hope ya find something that works for you.. but i am so up and down i havent got the answer ya need hun i still tryin to find that one myself.. but nortriplyine are ok n certainly help with certain pains and hyersensitivity i get but for the sleepin i dont find then that good. x but everyone is different so if ya can get them they worth a try, fibromites have to do trial n errors with meds all down to what suits you. many of them i have tried i get terrible side effects which is down to fibro too lol as it make ya body more hypersensitive to things but if you can find something that suits you then it will help x

sendin loadsa love to ya take care n gl

lynnie x


I am currently taking 100mg of Pregabalin to help me sleep at night, but i tend to wake up feeling hungover, which is never a good feeling in its self. It helps me with the pain especially in my hands as that is where i feel the pain first, no idea why. I can tell when i have forgotten to take a dose as i am soooo tired the next day that i use my lunch hour to have a nanna nap, and i am out cold, i even have to set my alarm so that i can go back to work.

My doctor is aware of my constant fatigue that i have been referred to a sleep clinic as he believes that i may be suffering from sleep apnia (not sure on the spelling).

I hope you get the answers you are looking for as i sure could do with some help myself.


Fatigue is a common problem with Fibro. As well as targeting this, through lifestyle adaptations, relaxation therapies, complementary therapies and/or medications, generally treating the Fibro (if you have this) should help.


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