No sleep at all!

Well we all seem to be suffering with the crap weather. I was exhausted last pm but OH didn't come to bed till 1am... then proceeded to snore loudly. I wet in spare room but had gone past sleep, web with zopiclne& a Valium i still didn't manage a wink. My sjogrens is playing up so had to drink plenty, causing 12 trips to the privy!

Am going to see if I can catch a few z's but got to do a salad for visiting American cousins... I will collapse after that!

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  • Also I had the most dreadful referred pain into my ear& temple , when I looked in mirror I had vague red rash across face,it's gone now.i had very itch bumpy skin,probably caused by all the meds I had shoved down in vain attempt to get some sleep! Good day all.

  • Hi Landon it can be a very exhausting day when you haven't slept I really hope everything eases for you and you manage some well earning sleep.

    Hope that everything calms down for you my friend.

    Sending hugs


  • Hope you managed to stay awake through the salad!

    I have no answer to the elusive sleep, it seems common to fibromites at one time or another. :( Perhaps getting up and doing a puzzle or watching the news on a loop will help. At least with the longer days we don't have to wait so long for the sun to come up. :)

    May be catching up with the cousins will make you sleepier tonight!


  • It certainly did. Both my aunties have Alzheimer's ... To a variable degree. My mother( the oldest) doesn't. I just pray it's not hereditary, it's really awful to see them like my cousin copes is beyond me.ive ended up feeling guilty for what I do have!

    Will sleep tonight come hell or high water! X

  • Hi Landon have u tryed the sleep app, I tryed it for the first time last night and it's on ur phone, I have a cracking fire an u can put a timer on it, u can get loads of setting like the sea waves an bird songs good luck and hope u find the dream man xx

  • Thankyou, will try when I have the energy to do exhausted,have SO much tomorrow ,then out again with (fit ) younger cousins!😂😂

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