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what is the reason?

since end of 2011 when rib probs started and up til now,esp in the last 8 months my stomach has got is a solid mass with painful pea- sized lumps and very sore painful and at night very uncomfortable.i have had all the scans exploratory ops -cameras up and down -and still they say nothing is brother thinks the same as i have had all these scans -even seeing the private DR and having the USS .I think then it is nothing and then as soon as I go to bed I am in so much discomfort when lying down.but I have to ask myself why is my stomach so huge has to be something,are my dogs the only ones who recognize something is not right?going to go back to gp and get answers to my unanswered questions.maybe when i have my gallbladder op they will discover something one way I would want them to find something to give me the answers I seek,

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So sorry to hear you are still having this problem with no answers. All you can do is keep going to the doc until they do find out. But it must be very worrying for you. I hope you get an answer soon



Hi Anbuma,

Sorry to hear about your plight. My stomach grew over quite a period of time. Had several lap-scopes which showed nothing. But some months down the line, surprise!! I had a very bad hernia that had actually torn through my abdominal wall.

I don't mean that is what is what you have and it sounds as if they have been looking etc but don't let them give up and say there is nothing wrong. Do some research (use only trusted sites) and then make notes to bring up in your nextbappointment . I have learnt the hard way that with the NHS one has to be a bit forceful and know your stuff. Keep pushing for answers and don't give up yourself.

It doesn't sound normal does it? Hmmm... Wish I could be of more help. So frustrating for you. Believe in yourself Anbuma, you know your body - don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Keep us posted as to how things pan out.

Stay strong :-)




hi Mel

thanks for your reply. its possible it could be a hernia -just lately it feels like a hard wall around my belly button and kind of like a bulge??if that makes sense.somethign else to ask dr ,phoned for dr this a m and told no appts until march 5.ridiculous all know they have other appts but they don't give them out.i have bloods tomorrow so will ask then and probably get one when need it.




you have been a great help


Think it does sound like a hernia just like anbuma says. Go to your GP and insist on getting a second opinion. Say how worried you and your family are about you.The GP will have to act. Good Luck xxx


thanks,my stomach is so huge it cannot be nothing.will keep on at him til I get somewhere


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