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Is it me??

I know it would be impossible to prove and I'm not looking for any compensation type route just need to know that I'm not the only one that this would annoy.

I work 4 days a week, one of those days is from home but I work damn hard be it at home or in the office. I always achieve my objectives and the customers always ask for me to work on their projects as do project managers as they know I get the job done.

Now ok I have time off sick recently I've had a month off but I do try to keep it to a minimum in fact last year the total was 15 days... I'd rather work from home than call in sick.

So for the third year in a row I have been overlooked for a payrise and got a big fat 0% and this year I've also been told no bonus when my collegues appear to have got at least something (it's against policy to discuss bonus and pay)

And now a monthly team meeting has been issued to keep everyone informed and in the loop and guess what it's been arranged for a Friday. The one day of the week I have off.

Is it just me or would you guys feel undervalued and unwanted in the same situation?

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Hi Suzy

Sorry to hear what you are going through. With regard to the team meeting, I would find that extremely annoying. A similar thing happened to me some years ago. I was doing a staged return to work after having a long time off sick. The MD came into our office in a flurry (panic!) and asked me to do a job at short notice, but it would have involved me working my 'day off' So I calmly pointed out that I would be happy to do it, but that I would have to rearrange other things for later in the week so that I could take a different day off. Which he would have been happy with, and was glad that I was being flexible until a colleague stepped in and said she would work late that day and the next to do it,as obviously it was far too difficult for me! So I calmly pointed out to her that that was not the case, but if she was keen to do the extra work she could, and I let her!

So, if they want you to go in on your day off they have to make an adjustment.

As far as the pay and bonus is concerned a policy of 'don't discuss' only ever works to the benefit of management. If there is no clarity, then no-one knows what is happening, and it causes suspicion, resentment, and confusion. Any bonus policy should be written out in terms that make it clear what you need to do to achieve a bonus, and how that bonus is calculated. If you believe you have met these criteria, then you need to put forward a written argument detailing how you have met each point. If there is no written bonus policy, and it is at manager's discretion - well, words fail me! Again, with the pay rise. If other people have been given pay rises and you haven't there needs to be a clear and transparent explanation as to why they qualify and you don't.

All of these matters should be discussed with your HR manager - in confidence. There is legislation governing all of these matters, as well as bullying, and discrimination. If you think you are being bullied, or discriminated against, you need to start documenting some evidence, Hard to do when you already have to contend with work and fibro! You could also seek some advice from an independant HR consultant who can advise you on your rights, and how to set about compiling evidence, and also different ways in which to tackle the problem. They may even come into your workplace and mediate a meeting for you.

You are obviously under a lot of stress at work. This is not helping your health. You need to find ways of dealing with it in order to look after yourself.

Please take care of yourself, stress can literally be a killer, and even if it doesn't get that bad, it will make the fibro worse, and then you're in a vicious circle of being stressed, being ill, not coping as well wioth work, getting more stressed, etc.




Thanks Kaz. Yeah at the moment I am right in the middle of that vicious circle. I've been back two days and already been in tears 4 times over work. I haven't even done the commute yet as yesterday and today I've worked from home. Driving in tomorrow. The pay and bonus are always at the discretion of the managers and there is no clear guidelines on how to get either. I've always worked hard and my review was really positive yet the man doing the review has no input into how the bonus/payrise pot is distributed.


Hi there,

i would not stand for this. you have worked and prerformed to the best of your ability. i would suprises them and turn up for the meeting and i would make a point about pay rises and bonuce. let all your work collegues know what is going on. i take it you are not a union memeber as they could help. as been advised by others i would make appointment with HR and thrash it out with them and ask for them to help negotiate between you and your manager. if there is no joy there i would contact ACAS as they can help, make it plane too them that you feel discriminated against due to you illness.

Do not stress to much as there are people around who can help. keep as well as possible and continue on and get what is your right.



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