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fibro Vs disability

hi ppl sorry not been on for a while been not well with this hot muggy weather just an update with my fibro Vs disability i hav now been knocked back 4 times for disability went to C.A.B they are a waste ov time sumone gav me the number for welfare rights and they hav been alot ov help they are willing to represent me as long as i'm genuine put in a written appeal on 4 july and got a reply wk/end past sayin that i now hav to got to a tribunral(soz 4got how to spell it) it says in the doc's that they think i'm playin the system and there are sum other issue's that they hav contradicted themselves on like i'm able to sleep comfortably at night ppl with fibro know thats hard enuff so i hav to wait nervously waitin for my date

t.c ppl and speak to you soon

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try and get an assesment from social services and OT also try and get help from CAB


Hi thanx for the comment been to see CAB today as adviced by my doc,the social services have already told me i'm not fit for work as i suffer with depression as well but i dont know wat OT is sorry lol

many thanx :)


occupational therapist from soc services .. get reportsin writing from them and attach to all applications keep copies of everythingeven the form you send in. goodluck petal getyour gpto writeon the application too. mine did


hi thanx soz for sounding daft but never done things like this as i have been in work since i left school i went to see doc's last week and he just gave me a copy of my report from rhumetologist and put me on sum anti-depressents as i am severly depressed with all this dont like being called a liar not got an ot just a neurologist and rhumetologist at the minute but these panic attacks and blackout's are doing my heid in


Find the number for social services ( sometimes available from your council's website ) and ring them and ask for a referral for an Occupational Therapy assessment .

I've just done this for my son, they ask a few questions over the phone and then you should get a letter from them with a date for them to visit you.

( I've had to spell check and auto correct 90 % of this message grrr ! )

Think my fingers are giving up the ghost lol.



i am receiving incapacity benefit at the moment and have been on it for a few years now and also receive DLA but i am getting really depressed at the thought of losing this due to the goverment changing the benefit system


Hi the hav put me on E.S.A and keep sending me to a bak to work programme they keep thinkin i'm fit for work and if i dont go my benefits get stopped, went to work programme and my advisor asked me can i not get an operation to correct my fibro,they make me laff


Hi Sorescotsman

Please remember you only have a month to lodge your request for a review. Make sure that any supporting new evidence is submitted with your request. Good luck

Best wishes


Hi ppl just an update on my ongoin fibro Vs disability war went to see the CAB today got told to go down early so sets off at 8.00 this mornin in the pourin rain stood there waitin for it to open at 9.00 gets in gets seen to then to get told we hav no appointments left ffs,now i'm bak home aching all over coz been standin in rain numptys


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