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Tomorrow's the day!!!!!!


well kids, tomorrow's the day when I'm at the atos evaluation review water torture. Fingers, toes, legs and everything crossed. Someone to go with me, check. Recording stuff, check. List of meds, check. Doctors, rheumy, physio, reports, check. Proof of who I am, check. Can anyone think of anything I need to do or take with me? I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow. Remember keep ya chins up, and ya belly tucked in x x

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good luck,


Well joe, apart from the kitchen sink, I think you're all set! Lots of luck! S x


Sounds like you've got everything covered Joe, wishing you all the very best. We have our fingers and toes crossed for you my dear. Hope it all goes well for you.

Best wishes and hugs. xx



Good luck and if you want to take the kitchen sink .... You take it... Not sure what help it will be ... Well actually if you say you can't go anywhere without the kitchen sink they may find that a problem in finding you fit for work

VG x

Cheers ears. A great big thank you to you all, look out for post tomorrow, probably all hell and brimstone x x x

car millage if driving there to get petrol money back good luck

Ta linlet but only about 1.5 miles from chez Joe x x


My eyes are crossed too! Good luck

Love n hugs Karen xxxxxxx

Just laughing at image of Joe turning up with his kitchen sink! Very best of luck, Joe - we'll all be thinking of you and the many others who are going through a similar ordeal!

Love ... Moffy x

Ta girls, much love x x


Hang in there joe just remember to tell them that just because he they say something doesnt make it so good luck keep cool unflustered and direct petal

wish you all the best , hope yours it not like the b...h i had , i knew from 2nd got in there i was gonna loose mine and i did , in appeal at mo but not holding my breathe hope you get on ok good luck xxxx

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