I done it!!

I am happy with myself for once... I made it to wales and back and sorted my daughter out just so she can go on her ski holiday with the school, for once I can say I did it, and wish I could drive my dads beast everyday what a lovely car. But know I am going to pay for it today as pain in my neck, back and shoulder is wow oops s***e PaiN.

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  • Well done you! Huge pat on the back for you. Isnt it amazing how much we can push ourselves no matter what the pain when its for our kids? I love it, but i do hope your daughter appreciates what youve done for her and is extra helpful around the house as i think youre gonna need some tlc. Be kind to yourself today and rest if possible, what a fab mummy you are, your daughter is one lucky lady!.....Charlii xx

  • How brilliant You did it "! marvelous I reckon we can do most things if we really want to :) despite the pain xgins

  • Dont let atos hear you say that Gins lol x

  • Thanks girls and my daughter does. I will be takin it easy as shannon has said she will cook the dinner tonight yay!!! Lol I hate cooking at the best of times and when I forget I just tell the kids charcol is really good for you oops x

  • Well done you I bet she does appreciate it the things mothered will do for there children take time for you Hunni your deserve it after that gentle hugs x

  • you do it because your a mum well done x

  • Good on ya, girl!

    Nice hot bath for you, pain meds and a lie down with TV - oh and chocolate! How's that for a prescription?


  • That's sounds fandabydoesy lol x

  • Yay! Well Done! *hands over some heated wheat bags* xxx

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