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b****y flu anyone have any remedies to get rid of it

woke up yesterday morn felt like id been hit by a train my 4yr old grandson was staying he had a cold and gave it to me he loves to share just wish he hadnt of shared now im absolutly loaded with it so on top of fibro i can hardly move as every part of my body is in extreme pain is there any remedies that work to get rid of it at the minute id try anything

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old grans remedy was plain simple boiled lemonade have used this myself and swear by it it makes your body sweat excessively (but many of us are used to that anyway) and shortens the time the fluey symptoms last hope you start to feel better soon

take care &virtual hugs

sleepy xxxx


My gran used to swear by hot milk with a good teasoon of clear honey and a good squeeze of lemon. It worked for her but I have never tried it myself xxxxx(hope you feel better soon)


Really sorry you have caught flu, can't be fun.

1 tspn Honey

1 tbl spn Lemon Juice [or squash - not so good but tastes good] Other juices are okay.

1/4 t spn Ground Ginger

1/4 t spn Ground Cinnamon

2 or 3 cloves

Boiling water - mix, allow to sit until cool enough to drink - don't let it go cold as not so nice.

You need the steam to help you breathe. If you have any Vick, rub on your chest and throat. Drink plenty. Make yourself have Chicken Soup - any sort, though fresh is best.

Blow your nose as often as possible. Keep it as clear as you can. If one side blocks, hold the other whilst you blow. Use tissues or toilet paper - the one with Balm included to prevent sore nose.

Let others run about for you. Give yourself time to get better and hopefully it won't be long. I have found these things have all helped me and my family over the years.

In the past, my husband not being on medication, would include a tot of whiskey or rum but that's not the best, Ginger Wine if you must drink, especially good for a sore throat, such as with toncilitus.


Poor old you!

I agree with all the above remedies, but must add one of my mum's favourites, which was a good, strong onion soup.

Plenty recipes on BBC Goodfood website, so pick the one you fancy and if possible get a kind friend or relative to make a supply!

It really does help, and onions have been shown to have a good antiviral effect.

Get Well Soon ... Moffy xxx


Really feel for you, having had two viruses so far this winter. If your head is full, try inhaling over a bowl of hot water with a few menthol crystals in it. I did it four times a day and although it was a bind it really worked for me. I used to take Echinacea and hardly ever had so much as a sniffle, but I can't take it now with the medication I am on.As others have said onions and particularly garlic are good as they have antibacterial properties. Get well soon


Did you have a flu jab shaz? I know some people don't or it's not suitable but 2 years ago my daughter developed swine flu and was in bed for 2 weeks. I got nothing. I know that as we get older we're less likely to get as many colds as we did when we were younger, but it's still horrible isn't it? I also take 1200mg of garlic every day and I must say I may get a sniffle or a runny nose but that's it!! Now I've said that I'm bound to have the worst cold ever!! Never mind....try zinc and vitamin C. That's really good too. Hope you're felling better soon honey XXX


Onions collect bacteria and the way to use them is simply to either place one on a plate in a corner of every room or to cut the ends off, place in a jar next to the bed (you'll find it changed in the morning and you should start to feel better x


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