Anyone help what is this?

I am 26 been diagnosed with Fibro for many years, had it for 8 years. However the past year I have been experiencing a different pain in my fingers its a sharp pain and ache and if my hands haven't done anything they go stiff and sore, this happens in morning too if they aren't positioned flat out. I do have fibromyalgia and it's become quite severe but this is different. Anyone help me figure what it is out?

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  • Hello Kennocha, sorry to hear about your pain in your fingers. I wonder have you mentioned this to your GP - this would be the best thing to do to start with. Hopefully then you would have blood tests etc to hopefully find out what's causing this pain.

    It might, however, be another pain related to your Fibro. We can hurt in so many places all over our bodies including our arms etc. It could also be your Fibro evolving which it can do over the years. It doesn't necessarily get worse, but it can change and we can get different pains and symptoms too.

    It is always a good idea to see your GP from time to time so your meds can be reviewed, it might be time to change your meds, alter the dose maybe. All these things will be considered at your visit to see your doctor.

    Please let us know how you get along. Take care. Here's a hug for you (((hug)))

  • Hey I have got an app on Tuesday so will ask my GP and I am going to ask for blood tests including for vitamin deficiencies, thank you for replying I will let you know how it all is and thanks again.

    Hope your ok :)

  • sorry to say Kennocha but I have exactly the same stiffness and pain in my hands and it is the dreaded fibro.

  • I think it probably is the fibro I will see GP incase not that they can do much but just to see:)

  • I love the name Kennocha any way my hands are fearful out of the blue I get sharp pains in underside of knuckles -- sore fingers - pins needles after a while it seems to disappear to come again another time it is either Fibro or Arthritis bad luck do tell your GP xgins

  • Hi thanks i looked up unusual names and got Kennocha hehe. I will see my GP in a few days will ask for some blood tests etc thank you :). What you describe is what I have prob the fibro :S.

  • This is actually how my fibro started, and it took nearly 12 months for it to finally be diagnosed as fibro. As others have said before me, pop to the GP and get checked out - if it is something that needs additional or alternative treatment to your current ones, catching it early will really help you to reduce long-term problems! But it may just be fibro's new way of giving you grief. xx

  • Hi will let you know what my GP says its probably just another symptom of Fibro, grrrr. Thanks for replying :)

  • hello Kennocha

    mine started with my hands and it was said at start it was arthritis -i wasnt able to do my job properly.

    i was diagnosed with fibro in 2005 tho suffering years before that.teh last year i have got worse .i have the same in my hands as well as areas of thickened skin.with sharp pains and tingling etc/al;so having sore painful lumps in my belly tehre is something called Dercums disease which i looked up onthe internet (lumps in abdomen and fibromyalgia)and doctors havent heard of it.dont wnat to put any ideas /worries into your head it may still be just fibro.

  • you haven't worried me i'm glad your are willing to tell me your story. I am sorry you've had so much trouble. I am going to see my GP and will get a load of tests done. Is there anything they can do for your Dercums disease?

  • having the same to the doctor's tomorrow...good luck x

  • let us know how you get on best of luck too :)

  • need to go back to the mineral hospital and see my consultant not a lot the doctor can do...x

  • Hi sorry to sound silly but wht is a mineral hospital? hope your doing well :)

  • We discussed mineral hospitals a few months ago as many of us hadn't heard of this type of hospital, hope this helps, here is the thread discussion -


  • Hi everyone my doctor well one of the doctors I haven't seen before said I was too young for arthritis so straight away I thought here we go.... Anyway my bones have started to protrude on shoulders and elbows he said it's weight loss but when I said I stay the same weight he said it was due to muscle loss. He said didn't look like I had arthritis because I had no swelling, however I heard some types there is no swelling, but he said it was due to the fibro points on my back sending nerve pains to my hands or something. Then I mentioned vitamin d deficiency he said he wouldn't test me for it because everyone has it, but not everyone is ill and this could of helped boost me. So I had blood tests yesterday for that anemia (b12 deficiency) and iron deficiency anemia. I will let you know what the results are soon :) hope your all at your best

  • It sounds like you may need more answers and might not get them from your GP, so a referral might be the best way forward to see a Rheumatologist who can examine you, carry out further tests and hopefully come up with some answers for you.

    Saying you are too young for arthritis is ridiculous because babies can be born with it. Any age is susceptible to arthritis, it is an age irrespective condition.

    Also saying categorically you aren't Vitamin D deficient seems irresponsible because you could be. Without testing it would be impossible to say one way or the other.

    At least you have been tested for anaemia, both Vitamin B12 deficiency and anaemia, that is something. Please let us know the results when you get them.

    I really would advise you to consider asking for a referral though, you aren't getting the level of understanding or treatment you need at the moment.

    If you have any concerns at all, please don't hesitate to ask, always happy to help. Here's a hug for you (((hug))) xxx

  • thanks I agree with you, I feel they look at me stupid when I ask for tests, I explain it may be nothing but when you are ill you need to rule out other things because that could be adding to the symptoms. I saw a rheumotologist so many years ago who diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia but I will ask to see one again about the arthritis and I will let you know what my results are. Thank you for talking back really appreciate it :), hope your well as you can be today.

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