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Extreme Anxiety

Hi ...I am in the throes of quite a bad flare up which has been going on since Christmas. Whilst the various aches and pains are bad enough it's the anxiety that is crippling me...Everyday I am convinced something dreadful is going to happen to my 3 year old daughter...I'm fixated on her getting run over...Some days I'm driving to work in tears convinced I'm going to get a phone call that this has happened. I can't even think about booking a holiday without worrying that the plane is going to crash into water. In these episodes I can see everything so vividly...being trapped ina plane filling with water and then I start to have a panic attack because I can feel the sensation of not being able to breathe. I can see danger in absolutely everything!! I am completely worn out with all the worrying...Does anybody suffer with this???

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i don't suffer from this but it sounds very like post natal depression, as your daughter is only 3 is is highly lightly, please get help with this as it will only spiaral if you don't

you need to take a step back and really unravel what's going on

illness (the fibro) of any sort causes feelings of hopelessness, as mothers our first role is to look after our child and maybe you are feeling you are failing at this?

maybe use a large piece of paper A1 and do a idea storming, see where that takes you, BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF, all the thoughts you have, no one is going to see it but you

i wish you all the best and hope you nip this in the bug, i know it dosn't seem like it but anxiety is so cureable

LOOK AFTER YOURSELF as much as you can

loves xxxx


Oh poor monkee!

I found myself wondering if we were related - because I used to be just exactly the same!

I lived in terrible fear that something would happen to my children, and it really prevented me from enjoying their childhood. I was so ashamed, because deep down I knew I was being irrational, and I was afraid to talk to anyone because I thought they would think I was mad.

In fact that's just what my husband said "You are mad!".

He was very hostile indeed, which is probably why he ended up as my EX husband!

I eventually saw my doctor when the problem had escalated into severe depression, and even then couldn't tell him how I really felt.

He gave me medication, which helped a little, but wisely sent me for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which was a real breakthrough.

My therapist made me feel safe, and that I could talk about my fears, and over the course of a few weeks, he unravelled things for me, so that I could approach things more rationally.

All these years later I'm a work in progress - I'm still anxious, but it doesn't stop me enjoyng life. Your best bet is to tell your GP about your extreme anxiety. He will prescribe medication, but try to get him to refer you for therapy asap.

You might have to be a bit persuasive, because GP's are very careful with their budgets, but if he sees that you are seriously interested in making a good recovery, he will most likely refer you.

In the meantime, there are some very good books on CBT that you can buy - you might want to start by reading up on the subject.

Take care - I hope you see some progress soon!

Moffy xxx


Hi Ladymoth..thank you for your response, it is really helpful. I too know that I am being totally irrational and I try and talk sense to myself(!) but it's not working!!! My partner describes me 'as a woman on the edge'...and he is right...I'm so edgy and irritable. I am going to the docs on Friday...I am actually seeing a different doctor as I feel the doctor I normally see since being 'diagnosed' with fibro is just all to ready to write a prescription as soon as I walk through the door and I want to explore other avenues so the idea of CBT sounds like a good one. I shall explore amazon for some reading material and let you know how I get on! Many thanks



I couldn't bond with my Grandson because I thought something bad was going to happen to him (I had just gone back to work after 5 weeks off with depression). He wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for me as he was born on the ante-natal ward and there was no-one to help the midwife who couldn't get the cord off his neck as it was wrapped round twice. I managed to get it off to everyone's relief. Then as soon as he was born I was left to dress him while my daughter went off for a bath.I had councelling for a few months and I just sat and cried and said I felt sure something was going to happen to him. I must have been a very good actress as when I finally confessed my daughter when he was 7 months old she was shocked as she had never guessed how I felt. He's 5 now and despite several trips to A & E he is surviving.


Hi there monkee

Just a thought. Sometimes the side effects of the meds we are on can make us feel strange. Have you changed any meds recently? It might be worth mentioning to your doctor when you see them. No harm in exploring all avenues.

Big hugs Karen xxx


Hi Monkeej

You know most mothers go through moments where they worry - what if I drop my baby ? get run over ? totally irrationally . Other times we can become over anxious and there are underlying reasons. Are you feeling insecure in any way, would you really like someone to be helping more with the responsibility of your little girl?. I do hope you mention how hard you are finding it to cope with these thoughts to the doctor. I have had counselling for Depression/ anxiety.... mine had spiralled out of control until I eventually found myself in a psycotic episode.....this was the hardest time of my life. I was very lucky in one way. I had no youngsters at home in my care. Mine had grown up...please go and talk things over with someone. Maybe a little counselling could help you too..lots of love and best wishes to you...hugs xx


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