Meeting with HR

Well , here we go again ....

Had to inform my line manager that I couldn't make meeting as my fibro was playing havoc .... Not to add that the stress of the meeting was enough in itself she msged by text to ask if would be attending tbf only received letter day before.The last thing on my mind when in severe pain is yet another meeting !!!

I texted back apologising I won't be attending.... The reply was

Thank you for your reply, after being " chased " with a answer... The meeting went ahead without me and they are looking at all my responses from OC.......

And at the bottom of letter it says in so many words next step is dismissal .......I offered in my OH report I could do two afternoons a week but could not clarify what two due to my fibro......

I understand this is nit ideal but I want to work ... I am registered diabled. And I love my job .... I just feel this blasted fibro is stopping my life... I have worked since I was 18 .... It just kills me..... When in meeting before this one the HR woman said what's fibro never heard of it ?

My response to that ( I was in a hell of a lot of pain and was physically sick before meeting )

I replied you cannot make a judgement on an illness you know nothing about , I suggest you look it up and get an insight into this illness before you question that I drive and how do I park my car .....

Sorry for rant .... But pain levels high and I get so frustrated with myself .... I WANT TO WORK I Hate this illness

Again sorry for the rant's been going on for 3 yrs ... As I was attacked by a child and had a number of other issues and problems ..... Iv been off for 3 yrs this coming feb I know it's a long time but Inbetween had 3 operations and numerous difficulties .. Just need to speak with someone in the know as my union rep don't seem to be helping x

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  • Must be so hard for you fibro can destroy dreams it seems just so wrong xxx

  • It's very hard yes , especially dealing with children which suffers ADHD and high functioning autism ... Who was stabbed twice 3 yrs ago for a poxy phone , now won't go out !

  • Sorry for rant , it's just one of those days where I need a hug and be told everything will be ok :(

  • No please don't apologise, it's ok. We are all here to listen and never to judge

    so sorry about your children too

    BW Iscream

  • Thanks for listening or should I say reading and responding

  • ((( hugs))) its not much help but every thing really will be just sucks at times x

  • Ahh thank you Lors just scary of the unknown what with work .... .... Means a lot x

  • Hi Jo-Lee,

    Are you a union member if so your rep could attend your meeting with you. If not I suggest you contact as they are the definitive guide on employment law and will be able to advise you. I know how frustrating, exhausting and soul destroying the whole process can be but stick with it. Also the DWP have an access to work programme that can help with providing specialist equipment etc that can help you stay in work. Good luck and I hope things go well for you. Stay strong.

  • Thank you , yes I think when I have a day where I can think I will give them a call much love x

  • Life isn't all that good with fibromyalgia but people should just be listening but take it easy and look after your self

  • Thanks flyby7

  • I'm so sorry that you are having such a hard time! I would really suggest speaking to ACAS; who are absolutely brilliant with things like this and will be able to offer you loads of advice and support ->


  • Thank you Danielle Gemma yes I need to it's all to much worry xxx

  • I hope that they are able to help you :) xx

  • Thank u I do too xxbtw what's the lady gaga film called ?

  • And is it on Netflix now?

  • It's on Netflix tomorrow and I think it's called Lady Gaga 5 ft 2 xx

  • Awww thank you , will take a look x

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