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Full time work

I was wondering how many of you manage a full time job with Fibro?

I am working full time at the moment but not sure how much longer I can manage and am actively seeking part time work. There seems to be very little part time work around unfortunatley. I have asked my current employed about going part time but have been declined.

Its not easy is it?

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Hi, I am self-employed and work in an office 3 days a week. I do have a 5 and a half year old son and my mum has him on 2 of these days after school until I get home. I have worked part-time for about 10 years now as I had a bad car accident and couldn't work full-time after that. However, with fibro I don't think I could manage full-time with a family and other commitments etc. Hope you get your work situation sorted out soon x


Hi I used to work full time until about 3years ago after being signed off for a month when i went back to work i couldnt manage working full time and got my hours reduced down to 30hrs a week working 4days within a week. I was managing this until march and had a really bad flare up (which i think was down to stress due to changes at work) and havent been back to work since!!!!! ive been signed off and still dont feel that it am quite ready to going back but at the docs again on monday.

Is the company you work for have a union that you can speak to? to see if they have a valid reason for not allowing you to work part time. try maybe speaking to your gp?

hope you get your work fixed soon

take care



Thank you both for responding to me :) I appreciate it.

Wow Catsrule (love the name by the way!) - working part time and having a child is a full time job! I am glad that your mum is able to help you out :)

Hi Jo - there is no union where I work. The trouble is I have only been there for four months and am still on probation so I darent push things in case they just sack me :( I hope you get on ok at the doctors on Monday and that you get your situation sorted out ok x


Hi is there any chance you can job shaire ?

most employers are ok .. dont give up without a fight

good luck

gentle dyslexic hugs


Hi, yes I work full time and it's hard going. I can understand your concern as you're on probation and it's hard enough to find work but you are covered under the equality act 2010 and have access to 'reasonable adjustments' such as part time or flexible hours etc.They have a dyty of care to you. I am currently struggling against my manager around stress and pressure at work so can sympathise with you - hope you can get it sorted. Get in touch if you need a good moan about it!!xx


Thanks Lexie - will keep trying x

Hi Tribalwelshgirl - I will look in to that, thank you x Good luck with sorting your work issues out x


Yes just managing to work nearly full time but do 12 hjour shifts. Company have been good but starting to make noisesabout the environment not being suitable for my needs. Not sure how far I can push reasonable adjustments?


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