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Dla phone number

I live in derby and have been waiting for my appeal for over a year now. I want to ring them up to see if they can give me some idea of how much longer it will be. The only number I can find is 0845 but as I only have a mobile, 0845 numbers are expensive. Does anyone have a land line number I can use. I have used the app which gives alternative landlines numbers instead of 08 numbers which worked several months ago but now it says there are no alternative landline numbers. So they even get your money that way!! Is there anyone who has a landline number please? ?

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I have found a number you could try 0800 2888 777. Hope that helps.


Or you could go to jobcentreplus and ring at their expense


Thanks. I know all 08 numbers cost money which seems a bit bad as most dwp numbers etc are all 08 which is supposed to help people on benefits. I didnt know you could call them from job centre so I will try that. Many thanks


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