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Panorama and Dispatches - Monday 30th July 2012Both programmes are about Sickness and Disability Benefits

This is information, rather than a question, but since a lot of questions are about ESA, I thought you'd be interested to know about it.

Both are on Monday 30th July

Dispatches. 8pm, Channel 4

“Using undercover filming, reporter Jackie Long investigates the shocking processes used to assess whether sickness and disability benefit claimants should be declared fit for work.”

Disabled or faking it? 8.30pm, BBC2

“Panorama investigates the government's plans to end the so-called 'sick note culture' and their attempts to get millions of people off disability benefits and into work. In Britain's modern welfare state, millions are being paid to private companies to assess sick and disabled claimants but is the system working? Or are new tests wrongly victimising those who deserve support the most?”

I think Dispatches might be for an hour, which will mean that it runs at the same time as Panorama, but I might be wrong.

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have set them both to record.. willbe very interesting


I can only record one of them .... they will clash with ST:Voyager!

Julie xx


Also a star trek voyager fan, :-)


just a thought, but maybe they could be looked at on the internet - not sure.

dottii x


I'm sure Panorama will be on BBC iPlayer. Here's a link to the Panorama website with more broadcast times and the link to Dispatches


Thanks Tendo, you are more computer savvy than Iam :-) :-)

muchly dottii x


Shucks! Today is more of a pain day than a foggy day ;-)



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