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Flare up!

Hi folks

This week I have been having a massive flare up. I was at work on Monday and I could feel the pain coming, like a shadow coming over the sun. I work in an open plan office and just couldn't bear the thought of suffering in front of so many people. Luckily I made it to the ladies and just stayed there for ten minutes until the pain subsided enough to act nearly normal. People know I have fibro but that doesn't mean I need to make them aware every time.

My problem today is that I am convinced I have costochondritis which is inflammation of lung cartilage after a virus. I've looked up the symptoms and, guess what, it's associated with fibro! Oh the joys!

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Hi I have had chostochondritis for 23 years first thingi developed with's caused by the ligaments that join your ribs to you sternum and backbone becoming inflamed so they hurt to touch and of course as you breathe the ligaments have to move so it hurts more... I cope with rest, no bra and pain killers, unfortunately I,ve had it so long it's almost constant to some degree so I tend to notice most when I Dont have it. That's a good day...

Please check with your GP and get I confirmed cos some days it hurts so bad it can be mistaken for a heart attack and twice I've ended up in hospital attached to wires while weakly protesting its just a bad attack of fibro... And fortunately I have been right

VG x


Yes, deebee, you should get it checked by your GP.

If you've had a virus, there's a chance you might have developed pleurisy, which is bad - but on the other hand easily treated - unlike costochondritis!

Take care and get well soon.

Love, Moffy x


All these things that we can get with fibro, if we were told to begin with

When we started this journey with fibro it would drive us round the bend

Not heard of this one costochondritis, I can just imagine trying to explain

To my doctor that it is associated with fibro I am sure he already thinks

I make things up.

Anyway I hope you don't have this it does not sound nice, I hope you

Feel better soon, poor you as if we don't have enough to put up with

Hugs Viv


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