Melatonin Anyone?


Been to see my GP today and have asked to try melatonin tablets to see if they will help me sleep, my sleep is pretty awful even though I am on morphine and amytriptyline. I am fed up with the side-effects of amytriptyline (sweating, dry mouth, feeling groggy etc) and wanted to try a more natural approach.

Has anyone else tried it and did it work? Cheers.

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  • I haven't tried it, but it is worth noting that neither of your medications are evidence based as long-term treatments for Fibro. Research does not support the use of Ami for Fibro long-term or at high doses, largely because side effects often end up outweighing the benefits. And strong opioids are not recommended for Fibro, because they are unable to be as effective in someone with Fibro (we have reduced availability of opioid receptors) but we're prone to side effects, so again, the risk-benefit ratio is usually poor. Strong opioids are often prescribed to people who have conditions as well as Fibro and they are sometimes prescribed just for Fibro, but are unlikely to provide a good level of symptom control.

    Seems like it's worth talking to your doc about a medication review anyway. :)

  • Hi I had same problem and was told to try the melatonin and must admit I feel I do get more sleep and don't feel groggy in mornings but still have to take the amatripalanas well as morphine &pregagablem but it does help .only thing is I go in to hospital on 4 feb to have an opperatation so worried how I will be after it hopefully I won't be in to much pain x

  • Hi

    I am stuck with morphine as allergic to many other pain killers. I find the slow release morphine I am on does control the worst of the pain as well. I have tried other anti-depressants and sleeping tablets to no avail so I have always ended up with amytriptyline. It's my sleep or lack of, that I find most frustrating.

    Since I don't seem to react to or tolerate many drugs very well I thought a more natural approach was worth a try. Have you got any suggestions for fibro medicine? other than Gabapentin or Pregablin both of which I have tried and didn't do a thing?

  • Here is some info on the treatment of Fibro:

    A multidisciplinary approach is needed for optimal control of Fibro.

    Also, we consider that an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis is key to symptom management, so it might be worth starting by considering whether everything has been ruled out or diagnosed. This includes conditions that occur as part of Fibro - e.g. if you don't know whether you have myofascial pain and what symptoms this causes, you cannot target treatment.

  • Hi

    I saw an NHS rheumatologist back in 2008 who gave me the FMS disnosis, although I suspect I have had it longer than that. Have tried pain clinic but didn't find it helpful, have had acupuncture, TENS machine usage, steriod injections and also have seen senior Physios at the hospital who again were not able to help a great deal.

    Reagrding the medication I am unable to take anything like libuprofen as I am astmatic and I had an anaphylactic reaction to another drug in this family so have been advised not to take any. And tramadol caused terrible itching. being so senstive to may drugs has made this condition harder to treat I think. If I could get my sleeep under some sort of control I could manage much better, that is the symptom I fin most distressing.

  • OMG!! Was just going to ask about Melatonin myself! A friend has given me some. I think they did help her a bit but she doesn't have fibro. I've not taken one yet. Before my friend gave me some I asked in the health shop and they said they weren't allowed to sell them which did put me off taking them for a bit. I'd be interested to know the experience of others who've taken them or maybe I will just try one one night. But for sleep I tend to take Valium or Zopiclone. Also if I take meds for migraines then they help me sleep too.

  • Melatonin is a chemical naturally produced by the body. If you take Melatonin for a prolonged period your body will start to stop producing it so you're back down to the levels in your system that you were at when you started, it's just you're taking it rather than producing it yourself.

    In the USA Melatonin is freely available. However, it's not even an over the counter drug here in the UK. It is now available on prescription from your GP.

    Please be aware that if you buy drugs/medications on the internet that a large percentage of these are fake and potentially dangerous, there is no verification as to their authenticity. It can also be harmful to take supplements with our current medications without first seeking medical advice.

    Please seek advice from your GP about the use of Melatonin because there are prescribed drugs for all our symptoms and if your GP chooses to prescribe Melatonin then you can be sure of its authenticity.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • hello, i havn't the concentration to read the thread, i've been taking melotonin sometimes, it does work and dosn't have any side effects that i've noted. but i am only taking it v occassionally.

    it's not my prescrption, it's a family members so i don't know if it's prescribed for fibro

  • [Please don't take anyone else's prescription for any medication because this wasn't prescribed for you personally. Also the medication might not be suitable for you bearing in mind your personal health, illnesses and conditions etc and also because of other meds you may be taking as well.]

  • hi, i take phenergan tablets.they are non addictive and aid sleep...i get them on prescription,,worth asking your doc about,jenny xx

  • I was given a course of melatonin a few years ago and it did work well. As has been said you shouldn't take it for more than a short time. It did give me some welcome quality sleep. Then the effects wore off. I think the happy sleeping time really helped me to feel I could recover if o got sleep sorted. You have to remember to take it early. I had it ahoy 8.30/9 pm so be ready to sleep by 11.woke up at 8am..... Lovely

    I can't get my gp to prescribe another course unfortunately.

    However I have found (in iherb) a sublingual occasional melatonin. I've broken the tablets on half, so only take half a tablet when sleep gets really bad. I'll take it for maybe 3 nights. I find it very helpful.

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