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my mind has been made up :) i asked recently about whether to change my gp or not,well ive decided i am going to, i was sitting here

pondering this afternoon & thought to fed up of being walked over so i called my gp surgery & confidently asked the receptionist if any of the gp's there specialised in fibromyalgia/ rheumatic problems, "hold on" said receptionist "il find out" well she was back within about 5 seconds. "no they dont" she said,oh ok said me maybe thats why they just shrug their shoulders when you ask them a question, "do u want an appointment" she asked " no thank you" i making sure i get a load of medication 1st tho!..another thing is last september i had oncology follow up appointment,i had bloods done & was told to call gp if i hadn't heard results in 2wks, im still waiting! they don't seem at all bothered & just told me to ring hospital to see whats happened! they don't know either,& told me to call gp again! im just a bit p...d off.then i also found out that my consultant/surgeon who operated on me had moved to another hospital...that explains a lot as he would never of put up with dissarray. i asked my gp to refer me back to him at the hospital he has moved to,gp won't do it he said they only take patients with them for the money! it was me who asked not consultant,if only he knew that was said i think he may be just a bit mad! sorry to go on, feel better already :) xx

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My husband has been on at me to change go surgurys over last few months as he didn't understand anything about fm and thought gps were doing nothing however due to having problems with a chest infection last week and saw same go twice and had a nasty back Spasm this afternoon another trip to drs but saw same go again and was very impressed how help she was and even though my sister came with me and hasn't had much faith in them either was very impressed with how the gap explained what they know about fm and how it is affecting me and what I must do to try and ease the pain my sister and husband have been very impressed with the care and her understanding ok she never gave me a quick fix for the pain however she explained the pain is a problem long term and needs to be looked at that way so increased some medication and to start a low dose back on patches but overall experience was first class and my sister even realises now how much fm affects me and I am not making it up bonus

Sorry to hear about your bad experience we had nearly lost faith but found a couple of gps now that know minimal about fm but what they do know goes a long way good job after a very painful spasm and feel I have been kicked in the back by elephants gp has given me a bit of faith they can help me I am just dreading the pain clinic got to travel 2 hours of hell before reaching hospital chin up hopefully you will find someone as understanding as I have and has helped people around me understand xxx


Hi bluebell10

I am so sorry that you have had all this nonsense happen to you, from reading around the forum many users have the same problem with their GPs and their Consultants, and to be honest it really isn't good enough, is it? At least you have decided to change your doctor. I would recommend that you ring around several local surgeries to ascertain who would be best to register with (if you haven't already). I cannot complain as my GP has been wonderful; she was the GP with my chiropractor that diagnosed my Fibro.

Anyway, I really want to wish you all the best and good luck. I sincerely hope that you find a really good, understanding doctor.

Take care

Ken x


I am in the same situaton now ... but having changed doctors it has made no difference at all , now I do not go when i really should has things are no much worse . It makes me feel uncomfortable sitting in the waiting room knowing really she will sypathise ask me if i want extra meds or counselling ???? what a choice. I am not sure what to do now change again ?? it is very depressing .

I wish you the best of luck and really hope you get sorted please let us know .

take care



Hi bluebell

I was getting a pretty similar appalling service to you from my old GP practice.

I changed GP's over Christmas and it's the best thing I ever did.

Just be aware that your notes may be floating around in limbo for up to 6 weeks before they arrive at your new Surgery.

I'm assuming it works the same way all over the UK.

The minute I took my registration form, filled in and signed, to my new practice, my old practice cancelled my appointment I'd had for over 3 weeks (waiting to see one of the decent doctors) but failed to tell me!

I turned up for the appointment and was promptly told that I pretty much didn't exist anymore as far as they were concerned.

Also I was then unable to get any meds from either practice for quite a while which ended up in me taking a massive nosedive with my health.

Just a heads up. Things may (hopefully) be different in your neck of the woods.

Good luck. Let us know how you get on.

BM xxx


Hi bluebell, It's so frustrating and upsetting when you feel you are not properly supported by your GP I went to my old GP time and time again and got the same response each time. I changed GP and she is so much better. It's definitely worth trying if you are getting nowhere with yours. Take care .x


Hmmm. There's a poster in my surgery says you can choose where you get referred to, so something sounds a bit weak there. Only you can decide whether it's the right move, but whatever decision, you have my support. :)


hi all,im sorry for the delay in replying but my heads been muddled lol,i have found a gp that i want to change to,i called the surgety today & they sound so much more friendlier,also on the n.h.s. website they have excellent reviews & 4+ star compared to very bad reviews & only 1& half star at the 1 im with now,then came the task of phoning the hospitals about finding out what's happened to my blood tests & going to my consultant who has moved,well talk about pass the buck! someone is meant to be calling me tomorrow,i won't hold my breathe,im so glad to have all you lovely ppl here to talk to you're so supportive thank you all very much for replying to me :) xx


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