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change of doctors

hi good people just to say that i did go and see my doctors about all the pain i am in and that the med he has put me on does not do any thing any more as body is use to taking them, so he told me to do more around the house or go to the gym...

i told him that i use to be a power lifter years ago and that i really can not lift any thing heavey any more, even doing some light house work i am done in and have really bad flare ups..

well he just look at me and said that it was all in my mind and need to do more, i could of cried as, all you know that the pain can be quite intense....

he has never reveired me to see any one about my pain dont think my face fits with him... so i have signed with a new doctoer yesterday just have to wait 5 days for all my details to go on there computer and then try agian for help....

i have seelica disease/hiatus hernia/cyst on my kidneys

cronic puj /dics bulge/m.e/fibro/cronic fatuge....

all i want is some help not to much to ask is it xxx

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yeah i would change your doctors. i would def do it, well if its in your head its in all ours too lol love diddle xxxxx


wish we could name and place good docs i need one, i am going to contact all my local surgeries and find the youngest doc they have had training in fm, i met a young trainee doc last year out and about he said never let anyone tell you fm is not a condition it is ...


i am thinking of changing my doctor, but worried i will just end up with more doctor that don't understand the condition and don't care....more of... its likely to be in your head although they don't say it you know its what they mean. Im on amitiptyline 50mg and 30/500 co-codamol, co-codamol eases the pain after an hour of taking them, but then after 2/3 hrs i am waiting on when can i take another dose as it wears off too soon. So my question is has anyone changed there doctor and it be for the better?


Hi suzanned i was the same as you, took amitriplyn and just cocodamol and i was just waiting for that one hour of relief. My gp put me on gabapentin and it has helped me loads. I still take cocodamol but not half as many as i did take.

you could maybe ask about that?

kel xxx


thank you all for the kind words xxxll let you know how i get on xx


When i read stories of horrible gps it makes me so mad.

I would just like to ask how can some diagnose you of fibro and then some gp dont beleive in it? I dont get it.

My gp has diagnosed me with fibro for three years now but only just sent me to a specialist a few weeks ago, as i knew there was something else but she wouldnt have it. So went to the specialist and i have fibro, cfs/me and hypermobility.

It explains everything that i have been asking my gp for answers for.

I just wish if gps dont want or cant help then i think its is there job to point us in the direction of someone who will.

sorry rant

kel xxx


pammy63 tell new GP Guys hospital is one of the 5 leading teaching hospitals in the uk and they have set up the uk first dedicated fibromyalgia clinic in the UK.

run by Prof Davis,. whoms states a hospital of Guys status would never waste nhs funds on a non existent condtion. there is a great deal of new fndings on condition and guys are accepting referral from all over the country. the clinic is run one day a week i think mondays. this normally gets the GP sitting up and listening. state you want a referral to professor davis clinic. you need urgent help and have had to endure a dreadful time at your last gp whom was very dismissive of this 'real' condition.

good luck and hope things happen quickly xx


awww happe thank you so much for the info i will deff tell my new doctor when i see her/him...

this site has given me so much more hope in life and having such good people on here to talk to ...

once again thank you very much xxx hugs


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