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Silly Me .............Lesson Learnt!!!

Hi I haven't been on here for a while as my other problems along with fibro had me well and truly wacked.

I went to see the bowel surgeon last week and he wrote to my Dr and said I was not in a lot of pain ! I was screaming when he checked me out! I was in agony for three days after. and been in a bad way for over three months!

Yesterday the OT called with a bed ropeladder,three people a senior OT a trainee one and the social worker.all to see if I could use the thing. They all trouped up stairs to my room and my husband and I,my OH helped fit the ladder.Then she told me how to use it,then just incase I did not understand,she got the student to do a demo!! it was my turn. My husband helped me onto the bed ( by lifting my legs as I cannot lift them which is why he has to help me ) The Senior OT said " OH poor man do you have to do that every day? Good job you have the strength,but you must be careful or his back will go " made me feel good...not... Well she then said use the bed to lift you a bit ( I have a hydrloic bed ) now pull on the rung that is furthest away,so I tried then reached out for the next rung and just could not pull my self up. She got me to try but it was useless. My muscles are too weak! So they left and said they will be back another day! ;-(

I was so stiff I asked my OH to take me to the pool so I could stand in warm water and relax my muscles..................Off we went first time out since the snow came ;-) We got to the pool and I take my scooter pool side................the water was so lovely and I walked back and forth a few times,I tried to swim crawl but couldn't do it. Then I said I was always better at back stroke so layed on my back and my legs would not come down............Then I tried swimming to the edge of the pool missed the side and went under,I panicked and shouted my OH who was swimming a length under water and could not hear me ...I went under again and was fighting to get up when he grabbed me...never been so scared in all my time. We got out after walking another length. He helped me into the jakuzi very hot and soothing!! (( ;-0 ))

We went from the pool to visit my mum in the home she is in and she needed a lot of her things sorted as they had moved her into a new room and just dumped everything! I did it all , I know I shouldn't have but she was so distressed :-(

Well as you can guess the outcome of this is I cannot move today I am in agony,muscles I never knew I had are hurting and I am exhausted.......................Silly me will I ever learn that I cannot do all these things.

Never mind rest today and maybe tomorrow my OH can get me in the pool for a walk! Lesson learnt :-)

Hope everyone in fibroland are well and warm in this cold spell.....The up part is I have seen dafodils out in my mothers garden Oooooh spring is on its way (((((((((((((((( ;- ) )))))))))))))

Big Gentle hugs to you all x x x

Rainbow x x

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Poor old you, rainbow - looks like it hasn't been a good time for you lately, what with your OH and your mother being poorly too. I'm surprised the Occupational therapists didn't do a better job - it does make you wonder about some people!

At least you can see the bright side, and the daffodils are coming out.

I hope that life gets a bit easier for you before too long!

Take care ... love Moffy x


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