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oooooooooooh i wish i was kid again

to play in the snow its looks beautiful ooooooooooh but we have to stay in an keep warm boring !!!!! .!i should be at the hospital in the morning for hearing test i dont know if ive said on here i woke up on the 11th November to deftness couldnt hear anything the normal sounds u wake up to. walk in center sent me to hospital they said they cant tell if anything is wrong cos of wax give me tabs in case it infection an made an appointment for hearing test its been a right cock up bin useing drops an olive oil like my doc said nothing coming out went to walk in center to get them cleaned out wont do it cos of 3 ops years ago cant get them suctioned till 8th feb had to cancel 1st hearing appointment 5th jan cos hears not cleaned out tried to cancel 2nd appointment cos still got all the wax in me ears but doc said no i cant cancel its been to long already so should be there at 10.50 in the morning bet i dont make with the snow need to see em still cant hear proper lost surround sounds an hurting a bit now.cant hear like fan on cooker, washer, going sounds outside,if people turn away when speaking to i cant hear understand what they saying i keep jumping out out me skin i cant hear when coming up behind me .tv to the top. i dont think im going to get the lost hearing back has anyone else had this ? xxxx

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I lost mine once in one ear adht i did hear in he other was very distorted. I hopethey get you sorted soon. hug (( :) )



Hi Chicme

It sounds like you may have a substantial build up of wax to cause such bad hearing loss or as you say to do have some permanent loss. I had to have a similar thing years ago but never actually saw any wax come out and they were clear after a few weeks of drops.

I'm not sure where you are but the snow is bad here at the moment but forecast is for rain and sleet later on tonight.

Piggy hugs xxxx


hello me again i made to the hospital had my ears suctioned b4 hearing test thank god said i had a lot of wax well must ave lost 2 stone haha oh doctor was so nice!!anyway end results my right ear ok my left not doc said its chronic i cant hear out it i have a hole in drum he said its gud job ive got 2 can hear a lot better now tv right down me nexdoor said they didnt need the sound on there tv could hear mine haha .an the snow is pretty deep but we got there so glad thanks for the advice ladies hugs to u both xx


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