I got my dla took off me in august as well as fibromyalgia I have escheamic heart disease. tennis elbow in both arms, inpingements in my shoulders and back problems also severe depression. I was at my appeal yesterday and felt like a wanten criminal, 5 people there at a huge table all questioning me, I left with we will letter you in a few days not feeling confident in the least about result, what do we have to do to qualify, I'm at the end of mt rope cant afford to heat my house o anything on what money I have coming in :(

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  • Hope all goes well and they give you back your DLA, I have been through this myself with a positive out come about 5 years ago, I know exactly how you feel, whatever the outcome please follow this link and sign the petition to stop the abolition of DLAhttps://submissions.epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/38182 and dont forget to pass it on, (((((gentle hugs)))))


  • persevere, took me 2 and a half years to get my DLA, and and yes, they make you feel like a crim. But i went through the same process and i won on the 3rd try and alot of law research n the internet and a big book off ebay with the rules and regs of the DWP and how they make decisions. I KNOW its not what you have wrong, its how it affects you, how you WORD your DLA form and how much you have researched your illness and how it applys to DLA rules and UK law. Good luck and keep pealing.

  • Oh no, lack of heating just doubles the problem overall , I really do feel for you. My mom bought me some oil filled plug in radiators they are cheaper than running the gas, have three two downstairs and one plugged in at the top. It's bloody horrendous . Adds to depression in a big way. Try keep as positive as you can have you tried CAB yet? I do feel for you x

  • You never know your luck. I think its hard to judge when you have questjions coming at you from all sides, feel as if everyone in their is against you. I bet you were really nervous too, which is horrible.

    So here's hoping for the best and if not the next step! Don't let them beat you as I did me, giving up my ESA claim at tribunal stage, as I couldn't face it and I was making myself worse. I'm lucky to have a very small pension from work, as they judged my unfit!!! So I have no right to say anything, except, 'Don't do what I did.' Good Luck.xxx

  • It is important how you word your DLA form, as madddyyy said, or so I've been told. the thought of you not having any proper heating in this weather makes me feel angry. I really do hope things go well for you. I'm a trainee at CAB and I hope that they will be able to give you some real help. Best wishes, xx

  • thank you got my letter today they refused my appeal with no explanation xx

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