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Hi everyone I know we all get pain but does anyone get a pulling pain sounds daft I know but don't know how to explain it any other way I get a pullin sharp pain in my wirst as if the blood in my veins is calling help sounds daft I know docs must think I am mad fed up with the pain gets us all down I am sure just wondering if anyone else gets pain in vein wrist ?

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Hi Sheila,

Join the club! Yes, I get a pulling pain in my right wrist, and it makes everyday tasks like writing, typing and carrying things very difficult.

If your doc has checked it out and says it's 'just fibro' as they usually do, then there are several things you can do.

Obviously you will have been prescribed pain relief, so take that as directed.

Try hot or cold compresses on your wrist - it's a matter of preference - and weather!

Use some pain relieving cream, either over-the-counter or on Dr's prescription. Your pharmacist will advise you.

Rest your wrist when you can - use the other side as much as possible for carrying and lifting things - even pressing the plunger on the loo - OUCH!

If you can manage it, gently move the wrist in all directions several times a day to prevent stiffness. If you do this carefully it shouldn't hurt too much, and it really helps.

Taking cod liver oil capsules seems to help some people - i have found a benefit, though it takes a few weeks to kick in - I think they are as good as any anti- inflammatory medicine - they just take longer to work!

I hope these few tips are helpful.

Love ... Moffy x


Thanks Moffy I give that try some days it feels like muscle contactions tho not as painfully as ones I get in my back muscles take daizepam for them go is at a lost and pain doctors referred me to a pain course waste of they just telly to pace oneself made me laugh sure common sence tells one to stop if ur in pain so looks like I have to find other methods to get some sort of relief thanks for the tips I try C L oil hope you have a good day



My wrist has been giving me jip lately too.

My physio told me yesterday to get a soft ball and do gentle gripping exercises to build up the muscles and as Moffy said, prevent stiffness. It may help?

Piggy hugs xxxx


im not really sure what you mean by the pullung but I have been suffering with carpal tunnel since august and although my fingers are very numb just by trying to clench my fingers make sit feel worse and there is definitely a pulling feeling at that time through the carpal tunnel, it feels like my hand want to swell up. only one week to go before my op and i cant wait, but I worry the same is happening to the other wrist too. I have tried the soft ball exercises but for me its making it worse. i'm hoping that once the op has been done it will help strengthen it back up again otherwise i can walk, i use my stick or crutch i n that hand. i know it sounds silly but I need my hands/wrist to enable me to walk. the pain was awful at 4am this morning, it was going all up my arm, and thats like a pulling sensation. I just hope it goes away.

If it continues get it checked with your GP in case its carpal tunnel syndrome

I hope you manage to find some relief xx


I get a wrenched feeling from my elbows to my wrists. It feels as though I have tried to lift something really heavy. I also get a similar feeling in the tops of my legs. I hope this helps.


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