How long does a reconsideration take from when the DWP say they are looking at information

Hi I was place in WRAG group following advice I got here, I asked for a reconsideration provided additional information , letters from GP etc. I have had a letter on 16th Jan to say they are looking at it does anyone know how long it takes for them to make their decision any advice would be brilliant. many thanks XH

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  • I appealed against being placed in WRAG group mid October. It took 2 weeks before they replied to say they were looking again at their decision, and a further 3-4 weeks before they replied to turn me down. A week later I received all my papers by special delivery in order that I could read through them and prepare for tribunal - no date for that as yet

  • I asked for a suppression on my Dla as advised by the tribunal in July. I received a further letter in October asking for further information on the care I need. I did this within a week. I started chasing again at end of December, only, to receive another letter to say as they haven't heard from me the tribunal verdict stands. I wrote back with a copy of the letter I sent in October only to receive another one saying that I am appealing. Will be another 15 weeks.

    Time doesn't seem to matter. I pushed through tribunal as got sw and Gp to write to push for it as I had waited 9 months for that.

    If you send anything I suggest it's recorded and it says for tribunal to get it all in by 14 days. Idid that but nearly lost out when judge said they only received it the evening before. They counted it in the end when I was in bits cause I had missed my daughters last play at primary school to go. Suggest if you send in for tribunal at least 3 weeks before.

  • I asked DWP to look again at my award of wrags group after asking for information on why they had come to thst descision. I sent my information on why I thought there descision was incorrect on 18th Jan, I sent as much info as I could, on 16th Feb opened up a letter to find they had decided that information received now meant that they were putting me in support group I was shocked, because a lot of people I have spoken too go straight to appeal/tribunal stage. I personally think it makes a difference that DWP review the information who obviously have more of your information and details to start with. Good luck with your review, please let us know how you go Karen

  • Thank you all for your advice I will keep you posted on how I get on - hoping for the best expecting the worst - I know that there is a point of law upon which I can base my appeal I hope it wont prove necessary. Thank you again for the support & best wishes Karen

  • Hi when my husband had to put in an appeal he waited about 4 months and then he got it and they backdated it so we had actually saved quite a bit of money. ;-) At least if you get it it will be a lump sum. Do as advised and record it we did and we took a copy of all that we sent to them as before they said they never received this or that,and it becomes frustrating.

    Well Good luck and gentle hugs

    Rainbow x

  • The information I sent in was tracked....they still tried to say they hadnt had it we will wait and see, thank you for the advice Karen x

  • My friends recently done this and when she phoned them, the lady said it can take as much as 9 months to a year ugh! She submitted beginning of November and still nothing XXX

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