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Day 8 of back pain

I've now had back pain for 8 days although its only been this bad for the past 6. I went back to see the GP yesterday as the morphine and diazepam isn't helping. The only way I am comfortable is laying down in bed and after 6 days its driving mad. He referred me to the orthopaedic consultant at our local hospital and sent me straight in. Now it was manic. So many people who'd come a cropper because of the snow. Eventually the dr saw me and ordered an MRI scan as apparently some of my reflexes aren't there. So 5 hrs later I was seen again and they said the MRI scan showed nothing operable so I was told I could go home for pain killers and physio. Fortunately my hubbie has a 4x4 so we managed to get home safely. So now yet another day spent lying in bed on strong meds and in a lot of pain unless I lay absolutely still. Will call the GP on Monday to discuss the physio appt and fingers crossed they can help.

Just finding it incredibly lonely and isolating. For once Facebook isn't helping as all I'm reading is other people's adventures and fun in the snow. Thank goodness I have an iPad stacked up with things to watch.

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Hi SuzyB

I can sympathise completely. I have suffer with my back for years. I have had an op too but the pain never completely goes. When mine first started I just woke one day and every little move sent my back into spasm. Luckily I have a very understanding husband as he had to help me in the loo ( I will leave he rest to your imagination) even in the car, if hubby so much as touched he breaks a little too hard I was screaming with pain.

Sadly the only way is to lie still and let it mend. I know it is frustrating. When you have you physio it will start to help but with backs sadly it is a very slow process.

At least your MRI hasn't shown anything that needs an op which is good news. You will need to try and find a comfy position, lying down and try to stay there it help it heal. I used to lie up against the radiator as I felt the heat really helped.

Hang on in there my love.

Piggy hugs xxxxx


Many thanks at the moment there are two comfy positions one is flat on my back & the other on my side. I am moving as little as possible and just letting my body guide me as to how much to rest etc. hope it passes soon



That's is really all you can do. Trust me it will help. The pain is there for a reason.

Piggy xxxxxxxx


My sympathies are with you have had low back pain the last few days and nothing is working. Hope you feel better soon, I'm going to see GP on Mon.


Good luck Mary T


bless your heart hun, hope the pain soo eases for you xx

paula x


SOON even! my typing is terrible tonight,must be tired lol x


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