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this am serious siatica both legs from hip to toe

feels like I am moving with eggs shells and nuts and bolts in my legs really weary of this. No respite at all.

Moan over wiped my eyes now what does today herald---------what no knight on a white charger coming charging over the hill :) so sad it is OH with papers.

know it is very snowy for lots of you but so far we have nothing denada.

Yesterday I achieved breaking my printer I am still furious about that the guy on the help line spent three quarters of an hour going through what I had already done and to no availe. New one waiting at own silly fault or maybe VG put her spanner in the works.!

Just seen paper headline MY WAKING NIGHTMARE i must get new specks thought it said WALKING this often seems to happen to me a sort of reading dyslexia probably my fuddled brain- I know VG will have fun with that.

Going to read papers xgins

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Hurriedly checks through her tool kit...... Has anyone seen my medium sized spanner.... Hmmm time to keep quiet ... It will turn up....... Probably when gins smashes her printer to bits.......

Did I just see myself mentioned in your paper..... A walking nightmare, yup that could well be me... Just taken a bleary peep in the mirror while passing.... My mirror I must add ... its set too short for my OH and son... Hair standing up on end ( jedward) style bleary sleep encrusted eyes, staggering towards the coffee ... Yup I could well be described as a walking nightmare... In fact I could also be described as a waking nightmare as people wake and log in to find ..... Yup I,m here again... You could have your OH instantly transferred into a white knight with Sandra aka mrs Beatons amazing snow blaster.... I have plans to use it on moffy and create an instant snowman

Grins irrepressibly




I think you should spray Gins with the snow-blaster, VG - I believe that cryotherapy is the very latest thing for sciatica and back pain.

You could open a clinic - I can just see the headlines:


You'd make a fortune - you could buy no end of new printers for Gins - and lots of spanners, too!

I do hope you feel better soon, Gins - this cold weather seems to be making everyone feel much worse. I think you should have lots of hot tea and fruit cake, it always makes me feel better, anyway.

Hmmm - must go and make cake - will send virtual slices to you all!

Luvanstuff ...Moffy x


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