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Rushed by ambulance to A&E Derby City General

Hello my friends please do not over worry I was taken ill Sunday with crippling pain in my abdoman & the pain I never want again BUT, the consultant at the Hospital eventually found the diagnosis was Gastritus caused be excessive build up of friendly bactaria had backed up as I had constipation from the drugs for my fibro & pain, the blockage of gas build up was pushing my intestines up against the gould bladder against my rib cage so at last a remedy NOT, they could only try to stop the pain with even more Morphine & then take lactus & pepperming to reduce the issues of constipation which made me vomit, I was sent home the following morning & told to rest & drink lots of peppermint tea in future, Monday was dreadful I was constantly falling asleep then today I was up early but feeling pretty good today, THANK HEAVENS FOR THAT

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Hello there Whizzkid, so good to hear that you are on the mend today, that's such good news! My goodness me you've been through the mill over the weekend, I do feel for you as my eldest son was in hospital recently with the same thing. It's pretty nasty isn't it.

Make sure you take it easy, give yourself time to get back on track, keep warm as it's freezing out there and generally try to recover from this. It's quite a big knock to the system, bless you.

Peppermint tea is quite nice to drink so hopefully that won't be too much hardship on you and it's so worthwhile, it seems to settle everything down and relieve symptoms as well as having a relaxant effect too.

I hope you continue to feel better as the days go on. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

Take care. (((hug))) xxx



hello, thank you for your help & re-assurance it all helps with us all having similar issues I appreciate your mail thanks & take care Whizz x


My pleasure Whizz, hope you feel better really soon. Always happy to help and support where we can. :) Take care. xxxx


thank you very much Whizz xx


:D xxxx


Bless you! I started with this in June last year and have been suffering ever since. It's the worst pain I've ever felt and I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy! I was also vomiting constantly and for 3 days I couldn't even hold down water, so I was also going cold turkey from all my meds too. Im very slowly improving but it's taking time and because of this I'm booked on for an endoscopy on 26th Jan. Apparently mine is caused by stress, which there has been a he'll of a lot of lately. I should write a book, if only I wasn't so tired lol.

You are in my thoughts honey. I'm so glad you are feeling better today. I take lanzoprazole, motillium and gaviscon for this which really does work to ease the pain and sickness. My worst time is when I first wake up and I can tell how bad the day will be depending on how sick I feel, it's a bad day if I open my eyes and start to vomit straight away, which is how this all started. I still "feel" my stomach every day but I'm so myth better so I'm not complaining.

When I first started with it, I was really I'll for several days. I actually decided that if this was how life would be from then on that I really didnt want to carry on! If you havent had this, I will say that I would rather have fibro any day than go through that first couple of months again! Did you feel like that? Now I take meds for it, I'm finding it tolerable but I can't wait to get the endoscopy over with and find out once and for all if there is anything else causing it.

It sounds to me like you are already recovering and for that I'm so pleased for you! It's the most frightening experience as well as agonizing pain. If the stomach pain comes back or you start to suffer with nausea, try motillium from the chemist or you can get it from your gp under the name of domperidone. I take this 3 times a day.

I'll be watching this thread with Interest honey. If there's anything you want to ask please don't hesitate. You can pm me if you would rather do that. I check this site at least once a day so you should have a response within 24 hours.

Take care of yourself and if you find your stomach is playing up try to eat just bland foods as they won't irritate so much.

I'm wishing you an easy and speedy recovery.

Love and gentle huggles

Chilli xxx

Ps I'm sorry to waffle on about myself


I had to stop taking motillium because of severe anaemia and my gp wont let me back on it because of stomach bleeding.


Aww that's awful! It's the only thing I found that actually helps the nausea etc. Have you asked about any other meds for this? I'm not a doctor but maybe I could help?

Love and gentle huggles

Chilli xxx


im having difficulty with my meds already im on slow release morphine & oral morphine liquid which restricts what other drugs I can have, its difficult at the moment as I am due to move this next fortnight & barely any help to move & decorate so its a tough month ahead anyway, thanks for your concern by the way its nice to have another ear besides my brother & sister inlaw, I have given all my life & when I now need help everything is changing so getting used to such low income is hard after a £35000 a year job down to ESA & my DLA has been stiopped so now have to fight for my DLA again 3 times in 2 years its a joke, now that I have lent your ears thank you for listening take carfe Whizz xx


You are so welcome Hun. I know exactly what you mean about the no help situation. I'm fighting my 5th possession order In 2 years at the moment and have an eviction order 4th feb. I'm glad it's partly my mortgage companies mistake this time as they weren't taking the correct amount and I had to tell THEM for a change. I still have arrears but am paying the right amount and more so it will go in my favor. It's been a he'll of a few years for my family. A quick run down

3 heart attacks, in November 2011, all within a week of each other. my mum, my dad and my brother in laws mum. All ok thank goodness!

My brother in laws dad was found dead in bed due to complications with diabetes. around the same time.

My eldest sister was diagnosed with cancer in her neck last summer, but recovering now.

My mum lost her dog due to cancer and her cat was savaged to death by three dogs.

My other sister has a one year old girl who has severe Gastritis and g.e.r.d.

Another sister had her one year old boy 2 months early, he's fine

The same sister had a stroke last Friday. She is partially paralyzed and slurs her words but she looks like she will have a good recovery

I was diagnosed with fm and gastritis had abdominal surgery that had serious complications and caught a form of mrsa which left a deep hole in my stomach that took a year to heal and has left me pretty scarred.

I took on my 2 eldest grandsons now aged 5 & 6 four years ago, six weeks after my operation, after my eldest daughter and her husband decided they didn't want parenthood as a life. It was me or care and I had them with me within 24 hours giving up a very good career and going from a confident, bubbly solvent woman to a shadow of my former self (literally! I've lost several stone due to the gastritis. It's a great weight loss diet but I sure wouldn't recommend it to anyone lol).

As you can see it's been a full 4 years for us but mostly it's turning out ok. We can cope with so much going on in our lives and find the strength from somewhere when we need it.

I'm so sorry that you are suffering. I hope that things improve for you, and everyone else on this forum. It really is cathartic if we have somewhere we can have a rant! You are welcome to bend my ear any time you like Hun. I'll always reply inbox me if you would rathe do that ok?

Take care of yourself. I'm thinking of you.

Love and gentle huggles

Chilli xxxx


Hi Sandra. Have you discussed proton pump inhibitors with your gp? I take them as they coat my stomach. They increase the mucus stomach lining and also stop acid production. I'm not a doctor and they might not be suitable for you but it's worth asking. You can't be left without anything bless you! Let me know how things go ok?

Take care

Love and gentle huggles

Chilli xxx


thanks for your concern, sounds like your problems are far worse than mine, at least my problems have been brother 7 strokes but now ok, seperated from my cheating wife who is trying to get back & after a rear end crash on motorcycle in 2007 my health has been realy bad to the point I cannot work now due to all my problems so I think we should all keep in touch have some laughs & cheer one another up, we are all in the same boat so chat again later but keep going forward lets hope 2013 will be better fingers crossed take care Whizz xx


If you could find a treatment that relieved your pain helping to reduce your meds, relieve your stress and help to support you emotionally and physically, but might take a few months to build up to the above, would you go for it on a regular basis despite the cost? For those of you in the Durham area it is available on the NHS through the Pain Clinic. It's Bowan Therapy, via The Northern Integrated Health Practise. They offer a variety of treatments but Bowen is in there and due to some very dedicated hard working people, Bowen is becoming main stream.


Hi Whizzkid.

The diet I'm now on has stopped the issues you've described for me.... For me they called it IBS.

I ended up in A and E several times. Haven't had an attack for over a year now....thanks to giving up caffiene and dairy. (well they're the worst triggers)

Hope you find your toxin triggers. Good luck x



thank you for your help, I am constantly trying to get sorted another is to not eat whole grain bread, no marjarines, tea, coffee, fruit juices as these have agents additives also to increase weight yet people eat them every day thank you very much & take care bill


wow what a situation. am very glad to hear that you're ok Whizzkid. your experience sounds very much like mine last week. incredible stomach pains that had me bent double, and what I thought was wind trapped up under my kidneys, ribs and armpits. last time I had that happen was after an operation so I kind of knew what was going on. thankfully I was able to sort my problem without a trip to A&E but it was a hellish 4 days, that's for sure!

I resort to peppermints and Omeprazole, and try to take as little codeine as possible - all a balancing act of course.

Stepper, I couldn't get by without my coffee. I'd be on the floor with major withdrawal and narcolepsy lol.

oh and Chilli, I think you deserve a medal for what you and your family have been through. you're a real trooper. bless your heart for taking on those children xx


Caffiene doesn't keep me awake. It stops me sleeping at night and speeds up my gut till it can't cope with what its supposed to do lol

Withdrawl is not easy though.... MAJOR headaches. Realy felt awful for weeks. Drinking loads of water helps because its like a dehydration. Major hang over without the fun !

Worth it now though x


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