headaches and swellings

came back from doctors and he commented on the fact that I had three appointments in feb and march,think he was implying im wasting their time.not so if anything its my time -2 hours of my day taken to see a dr.two of these were for test results(barium and bloods) and I told him so and the third was for headaches and swellings I d been getting to which the response was once again "I cant feel anything".

the pain and pressure against my ribs and diaphragm are unbearable today as is my pelvic pain(but that's the other forum).

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  • I am so sorry to read of your doctors reaction and I sincerely hope that you can get some answers. I also hope that your pain has eassed for you.

    Take care


  • hi Ken,after today i have no more faith in them.their attitude is appalling and i just wish i could complain to PALS but their response would be to remove me from their lists.now i am to scared to go back cos they dont take me seriously.pain is hell tonight and i wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy.

  • I can imagine you were livid after that which won't have helped your pain or stress levels.

    I get invited in for appointments to have my asthma and HBP checked when I don't need them as they are both well under control and they bother to actually ring me up and chase me about it as they get extra money for these checks. I am then invited to have a smear test twice even though I have not had the necessary equipment to test for the last thirty years but to get an actual "doctor's" appointment is like waiting for the next moon flight.

    Even if he can't feel the swellings surely your persistant headaches should be investigated even if it is to try you on some medication which might help.

    Anyay I hope you are feeling a bit better today.x

  • Hi Rosewine.the first thing i see when i get up is how swollen my face is(nose and forehead).my pain has been excruciating today and i cannot sit for long.my stomach feels like its goign to burst theres so much tightness and pressure around my ribs and diaphragm area

  • Your health your choice - push for what you feel you need not what the doctors think you need!

  • ive been trying for the last three years.re referrals refused in past cos not given a diagnosis

  • alli can do today is lie down and sleep .from the time my dog woke me at 6.45 cos he needed to go out,i was in severe pain from the time I got up and when dressed clothes very tight around my middle.took the dog s out but I cant remember where we went and back to bed to sleep away the pain .I needed to go into town but couldn't cope with making the journey.got up for lunch and then slept til 3 to take dogs out to nearby field .head pounding.just want to go back to bed now to rid myself of the pain.

    head is still swollen ,I don't get why he acknowledged me the first time with it and then when I went back cos it hadn't gone away and the left side was swollen he said I cant see anything (this is under my hair).

    thinking how the last 2 years have been hell and its only my dogs and the support from HU that keep me going.

  • saw a gp today after physio and said to wait til he had letter from her .said i still had headaches and swellings on scalp -looked back thru my notes and said it s folliculitis,but that doesnt explain swellings.why do they put everything down to fibro even when it s not?

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