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ovarian cancer/cyst or dercums disease

since oct 2011 when my rib pain started -with pressure on ribs pain and protrusion-things have got lot worse and dr s wont recognize symtpons or even listen to april I developed nasal infection which went on until dec before I got antibiotics and then I found out that nasal infection is related to some of blood tests I have had.dr said its not an infection.

around june 2012 I discovered painful hard pea sized lumps in my abdomen and my abdomen got bigger and bigger.these have since spread around my sides and to my groin area with pain in the tops of my legs,i have great discomfort and pain especially at night toigetehr with a cough (which ive had sicne oct 2012),some of symptons of ovarian cancer are


weight loss


pressure on ribs

increase of girth of abdomen-reason fro any weight gain.

persistant indigestion or gas

I did have scans at beg of 2012 which were normal btu lumps appeared way after this but dr wont budge and do more scans esp a scysts don't always show on them.

apart from gas I have all of these and my Dr wont listen to me so now I have to go private as I am so scared it is cancer and it could kill me.i don't want to die.i love my dogs and need to be there for them.

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hi anbum

my heart goes out to you , so much worry and no explanation forthcoming

have you asked to see the practice manager about your concerns ?

maybe he/she could go in and see the DR after the chat unless DR could be there too,

is there anyone who could go to ?

how about changing GPs ? not always possible i realise

your last scans were a year ago now so with all new symptoms it really is overdue for followup

i know going private is very expensive but i feel you are right to do it

i have had ovarian cysts and they were painful even tho they were not big ones

please message me if you would like to chat or need an ear to listen

take care xx


thank you very much irisjoy ,i had arranged to see the practice manager yesterday along with my doctor but the surgery rang me to say she was not in cos of this morning I wrote her a letter telling of my symptons etc so she has some idea in advance of the meeting .i am awaiting fro her to call me when she is back from mother said she would help pay for private treatment.why is it the only people who understand etc are on this forum?am now awaiting my brother to arrange the private appt as he will have to take me.


There is a Health Unlocked site called Ovacome who also have a web site and support staff who can help and advice.

Go to the top of the screen and you will see , on the green bar a box "my communities" press on that and a drop down menu appears. Go to bottom and press on "Other communities" and search there.

Hope this helps


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