I have just walked out of a meeting with a welfare benefits person who said everything I'd submitted to the DLA and the appeal was 'rubbish', 'over-kill' and 'gobble-de-gook'. A life I'd lived through for the last four years was quashed. I want to give up but I am not getting any better and I have to think about how I will be in 10 years. He said fibromyalgia just meant I had pains in my muscles and the Arthritis was pain in my muscles and the DLA are not that interested in these.

The 'You might get this part of DLA because when using your normal aid you: can’t walk

can only walk a short distance without severe discomfort could become very ill if you try to walk' meant 'my life would be in danger if I did walk on my own', if my walking caused heart or lung failure.


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  • I get dla for my arthritis so that's not right what the welfare benefits said....

    Have you emailed us for the benefits and work sheets to help with filling in these forms and appealing

    If you email

    And put the heading benefits ...M can email them out to you

    VG x

  • I followed the Benefits and Work stuff.

  • You have got to watch out for these volunteer types, not on here obviously, but the ones who call themselves welfare advisers. I am sure they mean well but some of them know very little about benefits and can be more of a hindrance than help.

  • Hehe you always need to keep an eye on us volunteers ;)

  • thast dosent seem right at all its so unfair they are meat to go by how a illness affects your daily living my gp told me that the last time when mine was stopped as they were not sure of what was wrong with me but it was blatently obviouse to anyone that I am physicly disabled and I had undergone a ot assement organised by dhss disability employment advisor where she submitted a written report stating that I was unfit forwork it outlined things I had difficulty doig i.e dexterity,push pull,overhead movment,lifting etc,along with angry letter from gp they put me back on dla after tribunial but at a low rate mobility and middle care and by the way ive now been diagnosed with ankolising spondolitis of the spine cervical and lumber plus fibro ive just submitted a change of circumstances due to my mobility worsening so god only knows what the out come will be im dreading it and think that after this I just don't have any more fight left in me ,I hope you appeal as you are entitled to it sending you my very best of luck.xx

  • Hi

    You need better help, there are plenty of fibromites who get DLA and if only fibro was all just a bit of pain in the muscles. I used welfare rights for my DLA claim and they were brilliant but the guy I saw was really knowledgeable. A lot depends on the right help and this guy sounds like a bit of a plonker to be honest.

    Professional help is good if you can get it and if it is of good quality but the benefits and work guides are just as good. I used the site for my recentish ESA claim and won so you can go it alone. I would always recommend getting hold of them and they are definitely worth a try. Unfortunately some volunteers mean well but they don't always know as much as they could and the wrong help is worse than no help sometimes.

  • After reading this and other posts I have decided not to bother, Not that I don't need help, could do with help for my car my Lifeline, but as my old hubs gets these benefits and I get half the care allowance for helping take care of him, I sort of feel they will say if you have a benefit qualifying disability, what are you doing getting care Allowance. Plus I'd feel like a scrounger.

  • The person I saw was from welfare rights.

  • The person was from welfare rights.

  • I get DLA for fibromyalgia. Recently I was migrated from IB to ESA. When I was on IB, DWP sent me a letter years ago saying that they didn't need any sick notes from the Dr because I was too ill to work. When they put me on ESA I was expecting to be put in the support group. I'm in the work related activity group! I've sent in an appeal to say I'm in the wrong group. I didn't have a medical. When I had my work focused interview the DWP person said she sees that I've appealed. She told me that the support group is only for people with terminal conditions like someone who has cancer and are going to die in 6 months!!!!!

    I go to the local CAB to read and fill in the forms for me. I find it difficult to read beyond the first page. They said that they think I should be in the support group.

  • Hi

    The woman is talking absolute rubbish, I got into the support group without a medical and I don't have cancer. I do wish the DWP would train their people properly and stop them giving out false information and bunkum. If they can't get it right themselves and they make up the rules what hope do the rest of us have?

  • I would report this Welfare benefits person. If they are part of the CAB, complain. What they said is completely unprofessional and not acceptable. If you email me, and let me know their name and the organisation they ware with, I can complain strongly for you.

  • Dont give up, just because there are cretins working for the these bodies, 99.9% of these people have no idea or understanding about Fibro. Make a formal written complaint without hesitation, after all they are not specialists or even qualified to make statements like that. How dare someone dismiss what you are saying as nonsense. It is your illness, and you like us, understand it a lot better than anyone else. So don`t give up!

    Sharolina x

  • report this welfare person as they are public servents and suppose to work for us!! i had one that was horrible and i reported him! x

  • can so relate.Had an absolute awful ordeal when I went for an appeal meeting.Not only been told I was not ill ,the doctors English was extremely poor and caused problems throughout the ordeal.When I complained about this,again I was poo pooed away.I so feel for you.I also feel like giving up.I suffer from fms ,cfs,spondeylethisis,anemia.I am waiting for the results from my medical for ESA so I haven't carried on with my DLA application as no doubt that will be another one that goes to appeal and I cant handle fighting both

  • Hi Tibby,

    would it be possible to PM me to arrange to send me a copy of your submission as I can try and help you as much as I can and give you loads of help and advice.


    Liam Carter

    Senior Case Manager

    My Benefit Claim

  • How do I PM you?

  • Hi

    I'm in support group and I'm not terminally ill , and certainly have more than 6 months to live ( I hope) , I suffer from arthritis and get dla ,

    Keep fighting


    C x

  • I sent you a message


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