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There is help out there!


Hello everyone i just want to say that i reas all your messages but have never blogged myself. I want to tell evryone about liam carter the senior manager at who is amazing they fight dwp on your behalf with regsrds to your appeals for dla benefit. And can i just say he really kicks butt. He works on a no win no fee basis and you can apply on line. You can just sit back and let liam do all the worryung for you he even goes to the hearing so the stress and anxiety is taken away fir you... Please get in touch you nothing to loose and your benefit to gain. Tell everyone ... When you contact him tell him i recommended you my name is samantha

good luck everyone and huge soft hugs xxx

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Glad you are getting help you need.

just wondering if you have any financial interest in the co you are encouraging us to contact. your post sounds like a solicitation which is not allowed on this site.

If not then my apologies

Stay well. Jackie

tivoloschoice in reply to JSue

No i have no financial unterest i have only been speaking with them the last 2 days. I found the link on this site actually they do work via referrals so that is what i promised i would do. Its the least i can do.

why pay for help?? their is plenty of free help without paying! su

I looked up your previous messages and can see you have had a lot of stress claiminng for DLA, I am so glad that you got the help you needed and I can see you are just trying to help by giving people options. There may be a lot of help out there, but it is obvious many people struggle to get it. I for one like to know all the options so I can make a choice. Thank you for sharing this. Have a great day xxx

No win, no fee is just what it says. If you don't win, you don't pay, but if you DO win, you pay a percentage of your money.

All solicitors work like this, tho' some of them will charge an upfront fee as well. It seems a fair system, and it's not illegal or dishonest, but make sure that you know how much you will be expected to pay in the event of success - the percentages can sometimes be astonishingly high!

Moffy x

esagestapo in reply to ladymoth

Good advice there Moffy. Winning means any arrears money you stand to gain is gone before you get it, and these no win no fee types only take on cases that can't lose, cases you would win easily if you sent the paperwork to tribunal yourself.

And don't forget, if you lose at 1st tier tribunal, under the new rules, you now qualify for free legal aid to appeal to upper tribunal.

ladymoth in reply to esagestapo

Wow! that's worth knowing - I thought legal aid was almost impossible to get nowadays. Ta muchly :)

Moffy x

esagestapo in reply to ladymoth

The downside is, the 1st tier tribunal must have made an error in law, and you cannot submit additional evidence to an upper tribunal. On the plus side, you can still appeal yourself, then at least you know any decision made has been arrived at by law. A doctors letter and copies of sick notes etc should be sufficient medical evidence for the law to be applied correctly, regardless of your expertise in legal matters.


Thank you for the link x I'll pass it on too x

I have mentioned this in the Dorset ME/CFS support group we have a 'Group Benefits Advisor' funded by the lottery and a local charitable trust. She offers guidance to members on their benefits rights,helps them fill in their claim forms,deals with appeals and represents members at tribunals. I can speak from personal experience because she has acted for me. 2 days ago my DLA was reinstated ...long story but DWP made a decision on my case within a week. I'd encourage everyone to join their local group and find out if a benefits advisor is available.

fyrefly :)

deby10 in reply to fyrefly

hi, fyrefly, how do you get group advisor, do i hav,t to pay, or is it a website help pls,thank you, i need help filling in my forms, cheers

fyrefly in reply to deby10

Hi Deby, not sure where you live but I joined my local me/fibro group in Dorset. They have link groups throughout the county.Have a look on google for similar groups in your area, I'm sure there'll be one and you might be able to get the same help, free.

fyrefly in reply to deby10

Also try this

There is a section on claiming benefits and completing forms. Hope this helps.

P.S.....It's free, sorry forgot to mention that :)

I have spoken to Liam and I found him really helpful re appealing WRAG to support group. I didn't know I had to pay though, he never said anything about that!! XX

Probably best to re contact him and find out. Just a suggestion..don't want to end up owing lots of money..

Good job!!!! Will be passing to my neighbour.

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