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Sudden numb left arm and restless leg...anyone had this??

This morning I was taking my PJ off and had both my arms in the air, when suddenly my left arm went totally numb and my left leg started kicking itself everywhere restlessly..luckily I was near the bed, so I lied down, kind of fainted, and my heartbeat was SO pain, but very frightening!! This afternoon I have a blurry sight..had to take my contacts out. What do you think????HELP!!!!

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Hello Izabel :) I personally think if you have unexplained numbness, tingling, pins and needles or involuntary reactions like you are mentioning, I would go to my GP and discuss this. It's always best to get these things checked out just to make sure that there aren't any underlying conditions that haven't been diagnosed and also for any tests to be carried out if necessary. You also mention an irregular heartbeat and blurry sight. All of the symptoms you mention need checking out, so please go to your GP as soon as you are able to and tell them all about this. If you can't get to your GP, mention all these symptoms to the receptionist and see if you can get a home visit. Take care and I hope you feel reassured very soon. :)


i have had this before it is horrible the worst i had it i put foot down to get out of bed next min i was on the floor lol luckily i am tiny so no harm done love diddle x


Hello Izabel! The numbness, pins and needles etc sounds very much like a trapped nerve, I suffered this and had to have an operation to un-trap it. It was supposed to take 20 minutes but took 2 hours+ as it was so severely trapped. I have always found irritable legs a part of FM, along with the sensation of irregular heartbeat and vision impairment on occasions. But it never hurts to get things checked out, just in case, that is the problem with FM, you never really know when you are suffering from something other than FM...

I am sure all will be well, and like LibbyDe say's I also hope you feel reassured very soon ....... remember to always smile no matter how you feel.


i get this honey.. but.............if ur heart was out. u really should get that checked out.. i suffer numbness in hands, feet ect. i also suffer from restless leg symptom. i used to get tablets for this but gave them up because it made my ibs worse.. if u get this again i would seek advice xx


Bless you .. I get this too an it is really horrid as dianne has already said I would urge you to speak to your GP

Soft hugs

Sue x x x


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