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Imune system

Hi I have not posted in here before,

but I do find out a lot of my questions get answered from

Other people's experiences. I have only been diagnosed within the last 10 mths, and at least I known now I'm not a hyprocondriac or losing my mind. I had a good 3 mths before christmas symptom free, which is the first time in ages that I have felt normal. But just before christmas I had a bad bout of Fibro and couldn't go into work. Luckily it didn't spoil my christmas, but for no reason very large bruises appeared all over my legs and stomach. When I went to the docs she seemed to think it could be the citrilapram I am taking. Iv just got my medication right and it doesn't affect my life and of course keeps the Fibro at bay . HAs anyone else found this? I also went back to work on the 27th and today Im mot in work again because i have now come down with flu like symptoms. Could my Imune system be low or does anyone else have any suggestions.

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Hi Darbo

I have flu like symptoms when i go into flare mode , but then again there is quite a lot of flu around at the moment. I have had the flu jab luckily as my hubby had it quite badly.

I am sure most of us have been felt that people thought we were hypochondriacs in the past and breathed a sigh of relief at diagnosis.

I haven't heard of the bruising you mentioned although i am often covered in them but thats because things keep knocking into me , door frames and handles are the worst for it/. lol

I think fibro does affect the immune system in fact i think its got its claws into most areas of our bodies

Take care xx


Thanks irisjoy nice to know that I have people to ask as I don't know anyone with my condition x


You are welcome, i don't have any friends locally who have fibro either , however there is usually someone who has experienced most of the problems we encounter. xx


I do not get unexplained bruises very often. But my daughter does, a heck of a lot, mainly her legs and stomach like you. But she is on an antibiotics called Macrobantin at present and it is one of the side effects, so she is covered in bruises again. If your GP has not authorised any blood tests then it is wise to get them doen, just to rule anything out. My daughter often looks alike she has been in a boxing ring. But for her, certains meds are responsible. Hope you get it sorted out soon xxxxx


Thanks ill get her to do some blood tests just to rule anything untoward



Well it is better to be safe than sorry. You could just be lacking in iron or something xxxxx


Make sure your doctor follows this up. Unexplained bruises suggests that you might have an issue with bleeds or your blood clotting, which needs to be investigated.


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