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Has anyone had fibro in the head?


I went to a and e yesterday with severe pains in the head. Doc examined me and said it could be shingles or a fibro flare in my head. I don't have a rash yet so think its my fibro but I have never heard of it being in the head. I have had fibro for 3 years and have it severely. I have pain in most areas and use a wheelchair. Does anyone else have experience of this as I am worried it may be something more serious.

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I have fibro in the back of my head most of the time. It feels like my head is very tender to the touch and badly bruised, and lying down on the bed is painful. It worried me to start with but now it's just something I have to deal with. As long as you've been checked over you should be fine. I take Naproxin which is prescribed and Co codamol which is available at the chemist when it gets really bad. Hope this helps, always free to chat :)

The pain in my head is not like my usual fibro. It's a stabbing pain and very severe, I take morphine and a cocktail of other drugs, and the drugs don't touch the pain in my head.

I have , I've had a heavy bruised feeling in the back either side it's pretty awful . It lasted about two days . Pain subsides as each day passes. That's how it was for me. I had lemon and ginger boiled up in pan with cloves it did help. A half a tea spoon of Himalayan salt . Also recommend dried seaweed in your bath . Absorbs through your skin iodine it's good for toxins . Good luck x you can get all of these on amazon cheap .

Oh by the way I should of said . Dilute your salt in boiled water and drink it . Recommended dose is half a level tea spoon full . I take it once every two days. You can google it. Salt is good but not the kind you buy in Tesco . Himalayan salt is pure .

Hi Foggykay,

It probably is fibro - pain in the head area is often more severe because of the tightness of the tissues in this area. If it gets worse in any way, or you develop nausea and vomiting you need to go straight back to A&E.

In the meantime, try a cold pack to ease the pain. A well wrapped ice-pack applied to the painful area should help quite a lot. You can buy the soft gel packs in Boots - they sell them for sports injuries,but I use them for everything.

I was treated with cold packs in France when I was taken ill there, and I was amazed how effective it was. The French pooh-pooh the British idea of applying heat to painful areas, whereas I am happy to try both and see which works best!

Moffy x

Fibro affects the whole body, so it isn't possible to get it only in some areas and it can cause pain anywhere (because it is actually a central problem, rather than a problem of localised damage).

However, predictable (not jumping around) local pain can often have another cause, even if related to Fibro, such as with myofascial pain.

That the doctor thought it might be shingles (seems like a weird place for shkingles though!) may suggest that it is neuropathic (nerve) pain. There is a condition called Trigeminal neuralgia that causes severe neuropathic pain in the face. Could the symptoms of that fit what you are experiencing?


Thanks everyone, Lindsey I looked up symptoms and doesn't seem to be that. My doc thought it was shingles due to new symptoms like inflamed scalp, and general itchiness and you can get shingles in the scalp. I am now having a hearing test on Monday as my tinitus has become unbearable and maybe this is linked to pain.

I get terrible pain in my face and head due to TMJ, which is very common with fibro, I am on Duloxetine now 40mg in the morning and 10mg Amitriptyline before bed, which helps me.I wear glasses and the pain in my temples is very bad as my glasses lean on them, so I have had to had them loosened that much they nearly fall off.


Hi all. ive been off wrk for past 5wks so far due to unexplained head pain? hd nasty attack which i thgt was one of the cluster headaches or really bad migraine. tk pills dr gave me for this, and didnt touch it. was in bed all dy, wanted to bang my head. it got worse with the pain vision and hearing went. felt sick. cldnt walk. then the pins and needles started all done left side and bit of swelling on left side of face. OH had to tk me to my dr who so me as emergency after surgery! my bp had gone through the roof which he said hd brought on this seizure attack. i hd some weakness on left side. put me on double dos bp meds to get it down fast. hd to have 24 hr bp monitor and waiting on app with neuro for head scan to see if it did any damage or will show the cause. still ongoing as pills didnt wrk and being doing bk and forth to drs, as still felt ill and the pins an needles not gone away cant drive and walking is funny due to balance ( its not gd anyway due to fibro now) at least bp has now come down. they were concerned i may hve hd mini bleed. but if that was the case surely i wld hve gone straight to a/e. plus still waiting for scan app as my dr went sick and forgot the referral!! happy days. so it is a mystery, but i dont want pain lk that again. maybe when i gt the scan they may find some signs linking to the fibro. will keep u updated.hugs x

Yes, yes, yes. Its horrible. Especially on the left side. And also pain in my left eye, unbearable.

Cherie a lot of your symptoms are the same as mine, apart from blood pressure, mine is fine. A and e doc suggested getting reffered to neurologist so think I will ask for that this week, thanks everyone for all of your help xxx

When I have it it's almost like a storm cloud with bolts of lightning. Really painful, sorry to hear that you're having these awful pains in your head. I hope it passes soon.

I had it ,,,,I could not see..... smells made me sick .....dr called ambe and was taking in ...... Ive never had the pain in the head before.. all i won.ted was to be put to sleep the pain was that bad .just every wear else...I was told it was fibro I had a mri and there never found anythink so at lest thats was good news as I was worried I had a stroke as my speach was funny to ..... soft hugs to all debbie x

Hi there

Yes I suffer extreme pain in my head when I have a flare in particular! I suffer nueralgia in jaw and teeth so hard to separate sometimes, but I can tell if the pain is like I can't touch the top of my head.. That's my fibro! However if your really worried about this you should go see your GP!

Hope you get an answer

Guccigirl x

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