New Year's resolution

Ok, OK I know it's a bit early. But, here's the thing. I know what I want to do. Well, I have a huge list, but there's one at the top. And I am rubbish at keeping my resolutions. I mean, seriously rubbish! Like, Oh, I don't know, 10 minutes or something! So, here's what I was thinking. I need help. I need someone who can be a 'buddy'. So, I have to report in daily - like to my boss. And then when I fail (which will probably be on Jan 2nd) they are really supportive and encouraging, and get me back on track. And in return I will do the same for them. And it doesn't have to be the same activity, we just have to both state our goals, agree how we will help each other, and go for it.

Any takers?

Oh, go on! Plee-e-e-ase?



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  • Ok kaz I can be here every day lets go for it.... I desperately need to lose a stone in weight, I don't know if I can do it as I am not very mobile but if I just cut out junk and eat sensibly that would be good enough and you can yell at me to put the biscuits etc down...

    What do you want to do?

    VG x

  • I've ordered an arm and leg mini cycle.You put it on a table and use your hands to cycle and then put it on the floor and use your feet.I'm hoping that this will make enough of a difference to start my weight shifting.Otherwise I'm a bit stuck as I don't walk well.Also I have started weight watchers which my GP referred me to..weigh day on Thursday but doubt I've lost as I still had Christmas food!!

  • Have ordered myself a cheap lightweight one more for just getting my legs and arms moving a little, if I can do it might invest in better one for my birthday in a few months, don't want to waste too much money if I can't do it

    Thanks for the advice amada

    VG x

  • you're welcome x

  • I want to build up my activity levels. I know I feel better if I stay active, but it's hard to start. And I know I need to start gently, and build up gradually. So, I need to work out realistic daily / weekly targets, that I can fit in around work. So, if I set myself a schedule, and send it to you - you can yell at me to get off my **** and get moving, and I can yell back to put the biscuit tin away!


    p.s. I don't need to yell in Latin, do I?


  • Of course not... English French or German will do nicely :P. Though if you do manage it in Latin I will give you a gold star:D you can PM me on here if we don't want to bore the forum silly or you can have my email if you don't already have it... The amount of mail I have each day offering me well I can't say in public but somewhere I must have signed onto a site that sells email addys on I think 80 percent of the population has my email address , fortunately got OH to set up spam filter, but he has to update it.. I am constantly told of all the Russian girls who are waiting for me to marry them or they want to show me a good time. I AM female by the way .. And if I get one more email for life insurance for the over 50s I will cry I know I might look it but I,m not 50 yet.


  • Ok, well that's me & VG sorted then.

    Anyone else want to join in the fun? You could buddy up on here, or start your own post. Or maybe I could have a look down my long list of things I want to do, and being greedy, have 2 buddies working with me...?

    So, don't be shy people .......! Step up here!

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