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getting back

i just want thank you all for being here when i needed someone an for all the good advice support i have had a breakdown but i have told my sons everything rang them for help they stayed with with an listened to me last night i know i need to mend myself its going to be a long road but hopefully i will get three by asking for the help ive always been so strong but now feel so weak thank you all so much Angie xx

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great news! well done for taking those difficult first steps, and eaching out for help. remember we are all here for you.

best wishes



i am so happy for you chicme you have already done the hardest bit you hit rock bottom now the only way is up and like kazf has said we are all here for you ,let your sons be your strengh for awhile im sure they will be only to happy to help you, wishing you all the very best and sending you a soft hug xx pauline.


yes its hard to ask for help when you have been the strong one, but you have made the first step to recovering, will look out for your posts,its a long road but a very worthwhile one,big hugs to you.....x


Telling your sons was the best thing you could have done. They will be strong for you and that does NOT mean you are weak. You showed your strength by telling them and for that you should be proud of yourself. It is going to take time but hopefully now things willbe much easier for you xxxxx


I totally agree,





We are glad you have posted today , as we were all thinking of you. I think talking to your sons and discussing the situation will help you make a balanced decisions about the best way forward. If you are able to find a link with some outside support this may be helpful too.

You have no need to worry about discussing your feeling. I think most would agree that many of us have felt low at certain points as we struggle to be strong and fight all the time. Everyone here can listen and be supportive to each other, that's what the forum is about.

Sending strength & Best Wishes



Totally agree. We were worried about you. Hopefully with your sons support, you will get the help you deserve.

Good luck and hope to hear how you are doing in the near future.

Best wishes and hopefully a breakthrough for the new year.



Really pleased you're feeling better today. This shows a lot of strength x not weakness. Hopefully this is the start of better times now x


Hi Chicme,

I have been so worried about you. I am so glad that you have kept in touch. Don't feel weak. I felt like a failure when I had my breakdown, but out of an awful situation can come a different, but better, life. It will be a long road but it is worth travelling along. At least now you know you have had a breakdown and hopefully from now on and with the support of your lovely sons you will get the help you need.

Hang on in there and when you feel like it keep us all posted on how you are doing, otherwise we will all be worrying about you!

Be gentle with yourself and take things very steadily.

Love and hugs Saskia. XX


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