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An update on my job situation (or lack of!)

Hi all again. So I am officially on gardening leave, for the next 3 months. After 19 years with the same company, I have now been made redundant. Sorry, displaced is the term, for 3 months and unless I can find another job internally and successfully go though interviews etc, then on March 19th I will be made redundant. Shocked, yes, upset, yes but only for about a day. Then I realised that this could be the best thing for me. Having been off sick for nearly 3 years, my old role has evolved so much that the new role is deemed too different and unsuitable for me. And I have to say I agree. Also, having been off for so long, the amount of debt we are now in gas become so much that it would take me years to pay back. But with the redundancy payment I will receive in March, I can clear the majority of my debts and still have enough to last roughly a near, being careful, before I would need another job. So in the long run, I think it is for the best. I hope to be able to get another job much closer to home as I have been travelling for 3 hours a day for the last 12 years. Every cloud has a silver lining and all that!

I hope you all have had a lovely restful Christmas. I've not been too great myself the last few days, so we are having Christmas dinner today, as I wasn't up to it. My father in law is staying a few days and mum and dad are coming over today, so just the 5 of us, including hubbie. Then on new years day we are goin on our first holiday in 3 years. I cannot wait. Some sunshine and relaxation for 2 weeks!

Away I hope you are all coping and haven't overdone it too much, wishing you all a very happy and healthy new year.

Gentle hugs


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hi JT so glad you are positive about things , they say every cloud has a silver linning.

Where are you going on holiday ? i fancy Tenereife but no chance at the moment as hubby has no work, he is a carpenter

i had a busy xmas and i am taking it easy today as my back is aching today , no idea why it just is

Its our Grandsons 2nd birthday tomorrow so more presents for him , he opens 1 at a time and plays with the toy before going onto the next one

Happy new year to you too xx


It is always nice when we come through the balck cloud and see the sun aint it hun. I hope you have a wonderful holiday too xxxxx


Hi ladies thanks for your kind comments. Iris, we are going to Florida and I can't wait. A bit of sunshine and relaxation is just what the doctor ordered. Everything is now booked, including a mobility scooter to make it easier getting around. Even though I stopped using my wheelchair back in August, I'm not going to let it put me off and to be honest, what's the point in being in agony and having a miserable time when I can use a scooter. Yes I know I will get some dodgy looks of what's she doing on that, being lazy, she is too young etc, but I don't care. I intend to enjoy myself and using it will make life so much easier.

I hope you ladies have a lovely new year.



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