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Stumbled on a sock!

I can't believe what I did earlier! I had dropped one of my husband's socks on the stairs but forgotten about it. Later I was going back up stairs carrying a mug of hot tea in my right hand (which is the more steady of my hands) and I had a book in my left shaky hand.

I trod on something, which turned out to be the sock which was folded over on itself, lost my balance, put my hands out to save myself, slopping hot tea all over the carpet but at least not too much over my hand and hit my knees on the rise in the stairs. Thank God I fell forwards and not backwards.

Once I'd got over the shock of suddenly being on all fours straddled up the stairs, I could see the funny side of it but my left ankle which is already weak and my arthritic knees are complaining!

I am wondering what to do for my next trick. I knew I shouldn't have watched those show dances on Strictly. I am getting too ambitious, trying to balance on a sock on the stairs whilst carrying items in both hands. Whatever next.

Anybody else been performing tricks lately? Anyone got one planned for Christmas day?

Love and hugs to all of you, Saskia XX

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Oh my lord, I am crying with laughter here, just imagining your strictly stair moves! I know I shouldn't and I am glad you didn't do too much damage to yourself.

I am quite good at the triple kitten trip and the fall over the pooch move.

Merry Christmas and Piggie hugs xxxxxx


Oh yes, I have 2 cats and 2 dogs to get around as well without falling over! XX


Oh bless you who would have thought a sock could ambush you so spectacularly. Was it a black sock that you couldn't see in the dark or do you colour accessorise socks with the carpets perhaps ? hmmm

So glad you didn't scald yourself badly tho and hope that the arthritis doesn't kick off bigtime tomorrow, i hate waking up and my joints are locked and moving is so painful.

re Strictly i wanted Kimberley to win how about you ?

I think maybe you were trying to do the charlestone and trying to do Louis's flips , not a good idea on the stairs, best to clear furniture in the lounge if you must

then perhaps you could build yourself up and carry 2 socks up the stairs they don't have to match, in fact clashing ones would be good

My trick for christmas day is to crawl around on all fours chasing my Grandson , well he thinks i can :) i got down on the floor to change his nappy and the lil pickled crawled off so quickly i couldn't catch him xx


It was a Ninja Sock? ;)

I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt Saskia! Take care xxx


Thanks, LindyLaine. I am trying to be a bit more careful! XX


I thought Kimberley would win as she seemed to consistently have the edge over the others. However they were all brilliant and I was very pleased for Louis as I don't think he expected to win. I would have been happy for any of them

Have fun chasing your grandson around on all 4's! XX


Your reply is below, iris joy! I must have hit the wrong button as usual.XX


Stares in admiration ... How do even manage stairs ... I gave them up just over a year Christmas trick... To sit as still as possible ,,, I,ve already covered myself in hot candle wax in the build up......the presents are gathering under the tree and it's so festive...

VG x


Our house is split level VG so 3 lots of stairs, 7 steps in each. So I am either up or I am down and when I am up I am up (unless I have fallen over that is!) and when I am down I am down as the song goes!! and then I am probably struggling to get up!!! The joys of FMS!

Have a good Christmas! XX


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