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Good morning all. I would just like to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy pain free new year.

i was dreading xmas as this is the first year i have been suffering arthritis and Fibro but people have rallied round. My neighbour has put my tree up for me and she is going to peel all my vegetables for me - she is a gem. I know i could have done frozen but at christmas i l

like to do it all fresh. I live alone but my dad and brother will be coming for the day. I am unable to peel things myself so that is why my neighbour helped. this will be the 3rd christmas without mum.

i had a lovely dad yesterday as my cousing and aunty and uncle came to my dads house for a few hours and we do not see them too often although we speak on the phone regular. they live on the wirrall and i live in stockport. i was exhausted when i got home but it was well worth it. i have one lot of christmas presents still to deliver and then i will get my fruit veg and bread tomorrow then bring on christmas.

love to all of you

Belinda xxx

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Peel what is this word of what you speak, everything in my house since I got arthritis to keep my fibro company...( Well it was lonely on its own )comes in packets tins or is frozen.....although i have an OH who does the cooking he does work part time so can't be bothered with the peeling and preparing malarkey.....the only thing fresh is fruit or air...

Wishing you a very happy Christmas and new year....XXX



love it maybe i could train my 2 cats to peel x


I really love fresh sprouts and they are so poor this year I like to slice them up and wok them with bacon and pine nuts very fast and so good for you. They still work like ordinary sprouts if you know what I mean but far yummier. I have a machine which dices them up for me . Happy Crimbo xgins


Hello Belinda from another Belinda! :)

I also live alone but with just one cat. I live right down on the south east coast. My sister invited me to spend Christmas day with them, but she lives about 50 miles away and as I'm still suffering the effects of flu, I didn't think I was doing to be able to make it. But now shes coming down to her caravan only 5 miles from me and I have an invite for tea so thats more do-able :) But now need to venture out for essential supplies and hoping to find some ready peeled sprouts!

Have a lovely Christmas! xxx


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