Gall bladder symptoms???

Hi All --- does anyone know if the symptoms of fibro can sometimes "mimic" a gall bladder problem? (ie it feels like pains from gallstones even when gallbladder has been removed!) Thanks for your help and Happy Xmas! xx

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  • Not in my experience I had my gallbladder removed 7years ago... The only problem I had was a massive fibro flare while healing and ended back in hospital cos they were convinced it was something wrong and wouldn't listen to me that I heal very slowly and need lots of pain meds.. But since then have had no pain that's seems like a gallbladder attack... Have you mentioned it to your gp??.


  • Hi phlebo 123 I have those symptoms too! I have had a scan on my kidneys and gall bladder too to see if theres a problem but nothing came up! Have terrible pain some times when av eaten cheese or fatty foods, also hurts to breath in sometimes, like a stabbing pain, also feels like someone has a finger inside my gall bladder scratchin away inside! Ann x

  • What you have to remember here hun with Fibro, it is a chemical imbalance in the brain, what the level of imbalance is cannot be gaged. So the brain sees any level of pain, whether mild or severe as being excrutiating. This is not to say the pain is not real, but moreso that it can be magnified greatly. You could have scar tissue in that area and as we know scar tissue can be painful. I know that as I have internal scar tissue that is painful, but at times you would think it is killing me it feels so bad. I hope this helps explain it for you xxxxx

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