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Essential fatty acids- My miracle!

Its been over 8 weeks since I needed a massage and I've been having them every 2-3 weeks for the last 7 years! I cannot believe how much better I am from a pain reduction point of view it really is amasing. I started taking 3000mgs of Evening primrose oil a day and 4425mgs of Omega 3 EPA a day on October 20th (so its been exactly 2 months) and I also take a vit B complex supplement. I can honestly say the improvement is MIRACULOUS!! The clue is obviously in the word ESSENTIAL so being on prescription drugs shouldn't be a problem but do check with your GP if you decide to take some just as a precaution.x

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My gp said with my meds I must on no account take evening primrose oil when I asked him about supplements ... So yes Definately ask your gp first.... Am so glad you feel better long may it continue

VG x


I'm being very cautious here, but I found a Vit B supplement helped me quite a bit.

It's always best to check with your GP about taking anything, even food supplements, if you are taking prescription medicines.

It's also easy to overdose on fat-soluble vitamins, though as long as everyone is careful I think it's a good thing to maintain optimal nutritional health.

It's so good to hear of a member feeling better - it's news we would like to hear more often!




This is really interesting, and I'm so glad to hear you're feeling so much better. Without doing any research (yet) the doses struck me as being quite high. How did you come up with the dosage level? Was it on advice from someone, or is this just how they're sold?





Well originally in Feb this year I started taking ONE 1475mg Omega 3 capsule a day just because I don't eat enough fish. Anyway my hair started to thin quite badly in the summer which freaked me out so my nutritionist suggested I increase the Omega 3 to three a day and told me to try Evening primrose oil too as its good for pre-menopause women (as I am) So its done wonders for my hair but had the knock on effect of really helping with pain. Most days I'd score a 6 or 7 out of 10 for pain now I'd say it's a 3 or 4! Amazing!


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