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The dreaded IBS

I've. noted that many on this site suffer from IBS which i did until watching the program Diet Doctors Inside-out. They said that wheat caused many of our problem and for many just to cut out wheat will make a big dif in their health. The yeast in bread can cause those red sore bits that can develop in folds and under the boobs. Well i thought id try it as kept getting the sore patches. 2 weeks later. no sore patches great. Then realised that the IBS had also settled down. Ate bread again sore patches and IBS back again

Now removing wheat from your diet is not easy as its in just about al processed food but without the IBS i feel so much better and that feeling seems to flow on to the fib-my

i researched wheat and found that withh old farming methods wheat use to be matured for several months b4 milling Now they use chemicals to mature it in days then a second chemical to stop further maturing and this is also done to organic wheat.

Perhaps many of the modern day health probs have their roots in these chemicals.

I don't say removing wheat from your diet is easy but i have found it worth it. i do still eat Durrum wheat pasta if it is made in Italy

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It is true many of us do suffer from IBS too I had IBS - D so severe for seven weeks I could hardly leave the house , my gp was about to refer me to a consultant for a colonoscopy and then I thought what have, changed in my diet to cause this and it was bottles of flavoured water it contained sorbitol, I stopped and changed to organic squash and my symptoms went in days.. I guess what I am trying to say is don't automatically think its wheat or dairy just think about any changes you might have made to your diet if it gets worse suddenly. I can go years then get a bout and it's always something new I have ibs likes wheat and dairy, but then I always am awkward

VG x


That's good when you can find the source of your prob

whilst i can't eat bread here in England i can live on baggette in France and have no probs. Guess the best thing for me would be to move to France



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