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Hi my name is Sarah I'm a nurse (13 yrs & counting) diagnosed with fibromyalgia 5yrs ago along with joint hypermobility (overextending joints). I just wanted to share a few things I feel that have helped me. 1. Try CHERRY ACTIVE (juice/capsules) from Amazon I've tried optimal and pure nature high strength these give a better quality of sleep than just with amitriptyline alone (athletes use these for muscle recovery). Also I've found that a CLEAN diet helps ibs symptoms (mine almost none existent). Whilst I've been on an even keel for 4 years unfortunately I've begun with insomnia recently,dramatic increase in pain and very low moods. After lots of research I've found that diet/allergies/inflammatory responses and pain can help fibromyalgia pts by improved diet esp wheat/gluten. Unfortunately I also find GPS unhelpful at times and put things off as much as possible. Hope these help!

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  • Hi Sarah,

    A very warm welcome to you :) I too have been taking Cherry active for approx 2 years, recommended by my fabulous Chiropractor. I purchase them from H&B, as some of the one's on the internet are fake and full of fillers, Unfortunately I am very carefull now as have been stung by this in the past. You live and learn eh!!!!!

    There are a lot of fabulous fibro friends on this site, offering wonderful support and guidence, we are all here to help one another.

    Do take care and pls let us know how you go :)

    Soft hugs,

    Elizabeth :) xxxxxx

  • Thank you I will be sure to try those at h&b as I have had a fake before!

  • Hi Elizabeth. I have posted this twice in case you didn't see it.

    In your experience would you recommend capsules or liquid form. What MG would you recommend also is the liquid sour.

    I am unable to take tramadol, amitriptyline or other pain killers as they make me to drowsy for work. I'm hoping this gives you more energy as I really need it at the moment.


  • Hi Kimbles,

    I usually stock both, buying them from H & B, they are sometimes included in the 2 for sale which happens often. Use the H & B website for offers If you can't get to one in the town.

    The instructions are clear on the label, effectively the cherries reduce the amount of uric acid in our bodie's that causes the pain.

    They were recommended to me by my chiropractor, she will not recommend anything with fillers.

    Cherry active casules

    premium grade


    Montmorency Cherry

    food supplement

    60 capsules....... 1 or 2 caps daily

    H & B

    Montmorency Cherry juice concentrate

    suitable for vegetarians and vegans

    20-30mls daily with water

    Hope this helps you.


    Elizabeth :) xxx

  • Welcome to the site!! Thanks for the advice it was very nice of you to share. Have you visited our mother site there is a lot of information there! Hope to hear more from you. Hugs

  • I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I sincerely hope that you find the forum useful, informative and loads of fun!

    I have pasted you a link to our mother site, Fibromyalgia Action UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:

    Fibromyalgia Action UK Website:

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi my name is Maggie, i was finally diagnosed with fibro 3yrs ago but had been struggling with all the symptoms for about 10yrs prior. Never heard of the cherry active but think i'll give it a go, thanks.

  • Hi newbie, Sarah

    Sorry to hear you have hit a rough patch, I sincerely hope you get sorted out soon and as my mother would say give yourself a kick up the bum to pick yourself up a bit lol. I have to smile at that as I am low a lot of the time and not having her around I just hear her saying it! Anyways....

    I was wandering if I could pick your brains?

    You mentioned cherry Active capsules? My daughter is suffering terribly with Restless arms and legs day and night as she has been taken off all her Fibro meds as she is in early stages of pregnancy, and she hasn't slept properly for weeks and she is exhausted. Would she be able to take these capsules?

    The information you have given is great Sarah thank you and yes you are right about the GPs they do so much with you and then that's it your basically on your own, I have found a lot of information and remedies on Pinterest, foods especially as I have just gone gluten free well nearly, I have cervical stenosis and my GP has been no help I am in so much pain daily but I have found exercises on Pinterest even my physio didn't give me just goes to show you how much you can find out on your own, I alway get it checked medically first so am good to go on things.

    Well welcome Sarah

    Vikki xx

  • Hi

    I don't see any reason why not as Its a natural substance that has been successful with fibromyalgia patients, gout patients and I think those with high b.p. what I've learnt with fibromyalgia is that the body seems sensitive to lowered levels of vitamins,minerals and amino acids such as b vitamins, vitamin d , magnesium etc which I believe is the reason why our bloods come back negative! And sensitivity to wheat /gluten seems to be a regular theme also it may be worth trying that or what I have done quite well is swap dairy for almond/rice milk. When I went back to dairy have stomachs cramps so worth a try?

  • Hi and welcome. I'm so glad you found this site. My questions are to you and Elizabeth.

    In your experience would you recommend capsules or liquid form. What MG would you recommend also is the liquid sour.

    I am unable to take tramadol, amitriptyline or other pain killers as they make me to drowsy for work. I'm hoping this gives you more energy as I really need it at the moment.

    Thanks you both

  • Hi Kimble I believe the caps are 500mg but I buy the extra strength 750mg (you can take 1-2 as I found it cheaper than the liquid which is just 30mls each night.) I used to have the liquid undiluted but it probably won't make much difference either way! I wont be without these n o w but I've recently added in melatonin tablets as I've experience with these being used well in critically ill patients as Its a naturally occurring hormone in our bodies anyway. I do still take my regular naproxen/pregabalin/amitriptiline as I can't get off these though I have lowered the dose with these until recently as I've fallen off my even keel :(

  • Hello from another nurse (a&e) almost 30 years though now medically retired. I have what you have plus a few others and i also have found that a gluten free diet helps enormously.

    however i have to take the drugs to allow me to function despite having had helpful Gps

  • Hi Sarah, belated welcome, just catching up on here. Thanks for the information I will give these a try. Hugs Linda x

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